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Company News

24 December 2007

Group «Aeroflot – Russian Airlines» Has Transported the 10th Million Passenger

24th of December 2007, Moscow. – on 24th of December 2007 Group «Aeroflot», which, besides the parent company, also consists of OJSC «Aeroflot-Don» and CJSC «Aeroflot-Nord», on the flight SU-825 from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski has transported the 20th million passenger from the begging of 2007. This extraordinary for the Russian market and a serious in terms of global indicators result achieved as a result of coordinated management of the route network of the company of the Group, mobile use of the fleet and commercial cooperation. The jubilee passenger is awarded with a souvenir and a certificate for two people, that allows for a free flight in business class to any destination in the world (93 cities in 47 countries), to which Aeroflot conducts flights.

By preliminary results, the amount of transported passengers in 2007, within the frames of the groups, has increased by more than 10%. Growth of transportation of the affiliate companies will be much higher: « Aeroflot-Don » - 16%, « Aeroflot-Nord » - 13%. Joining «Aeroflot» as affiliate companies of the company correspondingly in 2000 and in 2004 «Aeroflot-Don» and «Aeroflot-Nord», that were prior to this adjoining were in pre-bankrupt condition have significantly raised the volume of transportations from 400 thousand passengers in 2004 to one million («Aeroflot-Don»), and «Aeroflot-Nord» in 2007 has exceed the one million mark. These companies have entered the honorary second ten rating of Russian air companies, having outstripped the majority of regional transport operators. As a whole the share of their transportations in the group for 2007 will constitute more than 2 million passengers. As for «Aeroflot» without its affiliate companies than by the end of the year it will exceed the 8 million mark in transportation of the passengers.

OJSC «Aeroflot – Russian airlines» (AFLT) is undisputed leader of commercial aviation of Russia, true national transport operator. As the largest air company of the country, it transports more than 7 million people a year, and with subsidiary companies around 9 million i.e. 23% of the total Russian air transport passengers. Having in possession an air park which consists of 81 airborne vehicles, conducts personal flights to 93 destinations in 47 countries, (total – 302 flights a day). Controls 51% of Russian market of regular international transportation and about 12% of domestic transportation. Net profit for 2006 accumulated to 7,9 billion rubles (258,1 million dollars by International Accounting Standards).

Aeroflot – is one of the oldest air companies and one of the most famous commercial brands in the world. Company was founded in 1923, its headquarters in Moscow, in international airport of Sherem’etevo. In 2006 Aeroflot became the first Russian air company to be part of a global alliance SkyTeam. United destination network of the alliance consists of 791 destinations in 162 countries, which in turn offers to the passengers of Aeroflot limitless variety of choice. Clients of Aeroflot are also eligible for bonus programs of all partners of the alliance. Information of the advantages of participation in the alliance SkyTeam – on the website www.skyteam.com.

Aeroflot is the only certified operator of international aviation standards of operational safety IATA (International Air Travel Association) Operational Safety Audit in Russia.

On the website www.aeroflot.ru it is possible to purchase tickets for Aeroflot flights with the use of on-line payments, technology of electronic ticket, and to find out more about the air company.

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