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Company News

17 July 2016

Aeroflot will bring back passengers on cancelled 16-17 July flights from Turkey

17 July 2016, Moscow – Aeroflot has begun procedure to bring back passengers booked on flights from Turkey that were cancelled following an order of the Russian regulator. Aircraft with expanded capacity have been sent to Istanbul and Antalya for this purpose.

 This decision is in compliance with the ruling by the Russian Aviation Authority Rosaviatsia introducing a ban on departures to Turkey for Russian citizens.

Today (17 July), Aeroflot plans to operate flight SU2134 to Istanbul with no passengers on board. The return flight SU2135 departing Istanbul at 2:30am local time on July 18 will carry passengers booked on the following cancelled flights from July 16-17:

16 July



17 July



Passengers holding tickets for flight SU2135 on 18 July will also be accepted.

Passengers holding tickets for cancelled flights and who have been accommodated in hotels or confirmed their intention to take the first available flight to Aeroflot’s representative office are currently being registered on flight SU2135, as well as passengers holding tickets for cancelled flights who contacted the airline’s call centre. Passengers holding tickets for non-cancelled flights will not be rebooked on to flight SU2135.

Tomorrow (18 July), flight SU2142 will similarly operate to Antalya with no passengers on board. Flight SU213 on 18 July will carry passengers holding Aeroflot tickets from Antalya to Moscow dated 16-18 July.

All passengers holding tickets for cancelled flights from Istanbul and Antalya will thus be returned to Moscow in the next 24 hours. Passengers holding tickets for later dates will be accepted for travel on the dates indicated on their tickets. If necessary, tickets may be returned or changed without penalty at the original point of sale. Tickets purchased through Aeroflot’s website can be returned or changed through the Aeroflot call centre or at the company’s sales offices in Russia and abroad.

Transfer arrangements for transit passengers returning to Moscow will be made in Moscow on a case-by-case basis.

More information can be obtained on Aeroflot’s website using the reservation-checking facility on the “Online Services” page, or by calling the airline’s 24-hour call centre: ‪+7-495-223-5555 (Moscow), ‪8-800-444-5555 (free call within Russia) or at its local sales offices.

Any further changes regarding flights to and from Turkey will be announced in due course.