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Company News

02 February 2016

Information for Aeroflot passengers with tickets for 2 February 2016

Dear passengers!

Due to severe weather conditions forecast the following Aeroflot flights on February 2 have been cancelled:

SU 1162 / 1167 SVO — Rostov — SVO

SU 1238 / 1235 SVO — Ufa — SVO

Passengers on cancelled flights will be carried on the next available flights.

The departure time of the following flights has been changed:

2 February 2016:

SU 1325 Murmansk — SVO flight leaves Murmansk at 20:45 (Moscow time)

SU 1233 Ufa — SVO flight leaves Ufa at 19:45 (Moscow time)

SU 1303 Mineralnye Vody — SVO flight leaves Mineralnye Vody at 20:55 (Moscow time)

SU 2101 Riga — SVO flight leaves Riga at 21:35 (Moscow time)

SU 1213 Samara — SVO flight leaves Samara at 21:30 (Moscow time)

SU 2496 SVO — Copenhagen flight leaves Moscow at 22:00 (local time)

SU 2534 SVO — Oslo flight leaves Moscow at 21:50 (local time)

3 February 2016:

SU 1128 SVO — Sochi flight leaves Moscow at 03:05 (local time)

SU 1216 SVO — Samara flight leaves Moscow at 03:15 (local time)

SU 1172 SVO — Astrakhan flight leaves Moscow at 03:05 (local time)

SU 1184 SVO — Volgograd flight leaves Moscow at 03:20 (local time)

SU 1352 SVO — Voronezh flight leaves Moscow at 03:45 (local time)

SU 2118 SVO — Riga flight leaves Moscow at 00:35 (local time)

All the passengers will be informed via Call-center. Those who arrived at the airport will be provided with all necessary services according to the Federal Aviation Regulations. More information is available via Aeroflot Call-center + 7-495-223-5555 (Moscow), 8-800-444-5555 (toll-free in Russia) and at Aeroflot sales offices.

Thank you for your understanding.