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16 September 2005


Оn September 14 a boy was born on-board of Aeroflot' Boeing 767 followed SU-321 flight from Moscow to Los-Angeles. Childbearing passed with no complications. Mother Ludmila Yalinus, the citizen of Russia, feels good. After the aircraft has landed in Los-Angeles airport she went down the stairs by herself having a baby in her arms. Ludmila Yalinus was flying to her husband, the citizen of the US.

Contractions began after seven hours of flight when the plane was above the ocean not far from Canada's border line, and there were few hours more to fly to the destination airport. To make an emergency landing on the nearest military airport was not possible since the landing runway there was too short for Boeing 767 aircraft.

In these circumstances stewardess Galina Savenkova took the entire care of the woman in childbirth and her babe. The crew members also made their best to help the baby to come into being.

Aircraft commander Valeriy Belan provided timely landing in Los-Angeles airport.

The stewardess Galina Savenkova, who accouched the woman in childbirth, is employed in civil aviation since 1983, working for Aeroflot since 1993. She is married and bringing up 18 years old son.

Child birth on-board of the plane is quite a rare case. Last time it happened on board of Aeroflot' Ilyushin 96 plane travelling from Singapore to Moscow in 2001, on March 6. A daughter has been born to Singapore citizen lady. The accoucher was Lydia Barulina, the instructor, and the stewardess Aleksandra Pavlova having a higher medical education in therapy was assisting the childbirth.

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