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23 September 2005

Aeroflot provides new reservation technologies

Cooperation with Sabre supports further development plans of the Russia’s national carrier.

Today OJSC “Aeroflot–Russian Airlines” demonstrated a significant progress in project implementation on technology update, which began in March this year. During the press conference in Moscow Russian national carrier presented a pilot version of the new online reservation service. The company has also told about projected introduction of e-ticket technology and confirmed that such introduction is entered in the time plan of airline development together with the technical requirements’ development, necessary for the planned entrance of Aeroflot in the Sky Team alliance in March 2006. 

Aeroflot has presented independent passengers’ check-in stands installation to reduce check-in time as well as self-service devices with sensor displays in its own ticket offices, which can be used by passengers for planning their flights and creating their reservations.

The Aeroflot project of technological database modernization is part of the contract, devoted to operational systems, which company signed with Sabre Airline Solutions, the largest world provider of operational technologies and airline passenger’s management.

“Aeroflot” Deputy Managing Director, IT department manager, Sergey Kiryushin, stated that this large-scale project has been one of the largest projects in IT sector in Russia lately.

“It is not a simple task to completely change the technological basis while managing growing and successful business. The fact that we achieved what we wanted to while satisfying the growing needs of our clients and supporting a necessary service level is a breakthrough of the Aeroflot and Sabre teams”, Sergey Kiryushin said.

Today a pilot version of Aeroflot (www.aeroflot.ru) Internet reservation already works in operation mode. The clients, members of the “Aeroflot Bonus” program for frequently flying passengers, already have a possibility to search and book seats for any Aeroflot flights across the world. During the first stage of the program the passengers will make payment and receive tickets in the Aeroflot offices in Moscow. It is assumed that after several months a possibility of online payment and tickets receipt will be introduced.

Aeroflot also announced introduction of automated devices for reservation. The ticket offices will be equipped with them to shorten the waiting time for passengers. Sabre Airline Solutions developed self-service devices with sensor displays for Aeroflot.

As soon as an agreement is made with the management of OJSC “International Airport Sheremetyevo”, Aeroflot plans to install independent check-in stands in its terminals. The analysts forecast that in 5 years 80 percent of airlines’ check-in transactions will be fulfilled via independent stands all over the world.

“It is an ambitious task, but very important for the Aeroflot since the airlines aim at services improvement and price-cutting”, Sergey Kiryushin noted. He also added that Aeroflot hopes that every fifth passenger would use independent check-in stands by the end of 2006 and that this new technology would help airline to manage increased volume of air carriages as well as save resources and increase quality of passengers’ service.

E-ticket is one more technology, which is under Aeroflot testing currently for preparation to introduction after e-tickets are approved by the Russian legislation. As soon as the legal restrictions are released, Aeroflot can immediately start issuing e-tickets, sold via Aeroflot ticket offices in Russia.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) calls for gradual resignation from paper tickets by the end of 2007 and possibility of e-tickets processing is a condition of Aeroflot entrance in Sky Team alliance next year.

The next stage in e-tickets Aeroflot project is a possibility of e-tickets issue for flights, executed by other airlines – Sky Team alliance partners. The closing stage of the project would be a possibility of e-tickets issue for Aeroflot flights by tourist agencies with the help of global distribution systems (GDS).

“Everything we present today serves for passengers and personnel comfort as well as reduction of expenses and gives airline an opportunity to provide the highest service level under conditions of severe competition in the international air carriages’ segment”, Evgeny Bachurin, Aeroflot sales director, stated. “We quickly transform Aeroflot, which uses the best technological solutions and benefits for passengers’ service improvement, into modernized profitable national carrier of Russia. This the main advantage, which Aeroflot receives by choosing Sabre Airline Solutions as a strategic partner in the new technologies segment”

Tom Klein, the president of Sabre Airline Solutions group and Sabre Travel Network stated: “These projects open enormous perspectives for Aeroflot and will be reflected on his role as a major international carrier. They are also important for client-oriented service advancement on the Russian market. Sabre team realized the importance of this project and made all efforts to provide its success. We are glad that our new generation solution was ready for introduction in Aeroflot during the time, when it was required and airline did not have to rely on future developments’ promises. Those achievements, which were presented today, make us different from our competitors. We congratulate all those who took part in our project.”

Tom Klein stressed that now Aeroflot is well prepared to enter Sky Team alliance, planned for March 2006. “Complete technical basis is provided now. The technology of Sabre open systems means that any program, which is used by the member Sky Team alliance may “communicate” with any Aeroflot program. This provides enormous advantages from the efficiency and compatibility points of view and significantly facilitates the Aeroflot integration process in the alliance”, he confirmed.

This technical basis includes possibility of e-tickets processing, technological possibilities for programs integration for frequently flying airlines’ passengers into Sky Team alliance, possibility of premium accrued bonuses usage on all airlines–partners, possibility for tourist agents to observe the whole reservation process, made in airlines-partners, which involves Aeroflot flight as well as possibility of interactive reservation data exchange. 

Aeroflot is using a Sabre Sonic set of reservation and passengers’ management products of Sabre Airline Solutions. This state-of-the-art technology has a significant client base already – more than 100 airlines all over the world, which carry more than 300 million passengers a year. SabreSonic clients are major international carriers – American Airlines, Gulf Air, Southwest Airlines, Jet and others. Last year eight new carriers, including Aeroflot, chose this new technology because its solutions are based on the clients’ requirements satisfaction and are flexible and reliable. All this became possible with the help of Open Systems.

According to Bachurin, “Aeroflot goal is an application of the most efficient technologies in the given segment. Therefore, we chose Sabre technological package. Sabre is more flexible in the reservation, tickets’ processing and sales than any other existing technological solution, simultaneously providing maximum work efficiency for tourist agencies and airline’s ticket offices. Besides, new technology provides a number of new functions. Both the airline and tourist agents benefit, which can improve quality of passengers service.”

For this project implementation it was required to transfer all Aeroflot notes from the technology, used earlier, to SabreSonic technology. More than 300000 notes on passengers were successfully switched over during 31 minutes data conversion, which amounts to more than 10000 notes per minute. Sabre also provides new technology and services for departures control in the Sheremetyevo Airport.

In addition to savings and potential income increase, which are provided by reservation technology application and tickets’ sale, Aeroflot set the goal to increase additional revenue by 2 percent as a result of Sabre technology integration on revenue’s management. This program on revenue integration will also provide control over different kind of frauds, providing significant savings due to no allowance of revenue lost.

Aeroflot clients enjoy many benefits from Sabre new technologies usage. Now they have an opportunity to book trips directly or via the tourist agencies all over the world, including flight, car rental service, hotels, cruise companies, tour operators and railway transportation outside of Russia.


About “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”

OJSC “Aeroflot-Russian Airlines” (RTS: AFTL) is the largest Russian airline and the major national carrier with 51% of the shares belonging to the state. It was established in 1923. It controls about 11 per cent of domestic and 39 per cent of international Russia’s air carriages market. Net income for 2004 amounted to USD172.1m (under IAS). It is included in the list of the 25 leading world airlines based on the financial performance (according to ATW magazine). In 2004 Aeroflot carried 6.8 million passengers. The aircraft fleet consists of 91 airplanes. The company is based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport. The company projects to finish construction of its own terminal “Sheremetyevo-3 by the end of 2007. Please look for the detailed information about the company at www.aeroflot.ru, www.aeroflotbonus.ru.


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The company Sabre Airline Solutions, holding company Sabre, is the world largest provider of the software products, reservation and transportation management systems and other passengers’ management systems as well as consulting services, which help airlines to simplify their operations and reduce the prices. The proved leadership of the Sabre Airline Solutions is confirmed by the increasing number of the airlines, which use its technologies and services. More than 200 airlines all over the world use a multiply number of smart Sabre Airline solutions as supporting instruments while making decisions in order to increase revenue and improve operations. More than 500 agreements including all leading technological programs of Sabre Airline Solutions were signed in 2004 all over the world. More than 100 airlines all over the world rely on Sabre Airline Solutions, regarding passengers’ management. At the same time in 2004 eight new carriers chose SabreSonic system, the first new generation system, provided on the market, and six carriers received updated versions. Moreover, more than 100 clients turn to consulting group of Sabre Airline Solutions for strategic, commercial and operational consultations globally.

Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE:TSG) is a world leader in the sphere of air transportation commerce, retail sales of transportation products, distribution and technological solutions in the sphere of air carriages. Please look for more detailed information about Sabre Holdings at http://www.sabre-holdings.com.


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