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Aeroflot Bonus News

18 March 2005

Important changes to Aeroflot Bonus Programme Rules

Dear Aeroflot Bonus Member!

We are glad to inform you, that since March, 22, 2005 the Aeroflot Bonus Programme offers you important changes to your membership which have been developed as a result of the planned conversion to a new supporting software system and in view of your inquiries, needs and expectations.

New Programme features:

Mile as general calculation unit

Earning Miles:

  • As from March, 22, 2005 a Mile is the basic calculation unit used for Aeroflot Bonus Programme. 
  • After the conversion to the new system your personal account will be adjusted: the total number of available points will be transferred into miles with a conversion rate of 1,6. March, 22, 2005 Activity on your personal accounts subtracts a difference for reception the balance in miles.
  • As from March, 22, 2005 Member’s accounts are credited with miles depending on an actual mileage between airports.
  • Flights of less than 500 miles automatically earn 500 Miles.
  • Double Miles offer on routes: Arkhangelsk, Vilnus, Kiev, Nizhniy Novgorod, Riga, Samara, Sankt-Petersburg remains unchanged.

New Award Table:

  • We have decreased Award mileage amounts for many destinations.
  • The number of Award Zones was reduced for your convenience.
  • Award Free Ticket or Free Upgrade starts from as little as 15000 Miles.

Internet Password

Personal Identification Numbers (PIN-codes) are replaced with secret Internet Passwords for Web-service access.

To receive account information via Aeroflot Bonus call center you will need to have your passport and other personal account data ready.

Internet-site www.aeroflotbonus.ru

Visit our Internet-site and generate your new secret Internet Password. It will allow to keep to the full confidentiality and safety of your personal account data.

New on-line Web-services for you!

Using your Membership number and Password, you can:

  • view your Member information
  • view your Account
  • view your last Statement information
  • request for Missing Miles credit

Claim for Missing Miles Credit

Retroactive claims for Miles accrual can be submitted within 12 months from the flight in question.

Mileage Expiration

Mileage expiration scheme has been changed!

All unredeemed miles will expire for members that have not had flight or co-branded bank cards activity in the past 3 calendar years.

Fly with us and use Aeroflot bank cards and your Miles will never expire!

Elite Club

According to the programme changes qualifying year is equal to a calendar year (from January, 1 to December, 31) and becomes the same for all Members.

At the same time Elite tier expire date is prolonged through the end of February next year.

Elite tier levels thresholds were decreased:

  • To qualify for Silver Level you need to earn 40000 Qualifying Miles or 40 flight segments during calendar year; 
  • To qualify for Gold Level you need to earn 80000 Qualifying Miles or 80 flight segments during calendar year.

Qualifying Miles are only miles earned on regular Aeroflot flight on qualifying fares.

Requalification for 2004 year:

You have additional opportunity to qualify for Elite Tier level based on 2004 calendar year. Member who has earned 75000 or 150000 Points (in km) from January, 1, 2004 to December, 31, 2004 will be requalified for corresponding Elite Level with validity of February, 2006.

Elite Levels’ Privileges:

  • As from April, 01, 2005 we determine additional credit of 25% Tier Bonus Miles for Silver Cardholders and 50% Tier Bonus Miles for Gold Cardholders instead of Elite Upgrade Certificates package. Tier Bonus Miles are not qualifying for Elite tier.

    Elite Upgrade Certificates have been cancelled. Elite Upgrade Certificates which have been issued before April 01, 2005 can be used through their expiration date.

  • All other Elite member benefits are kept without changes.

Important information for Gold and Silver Members:

  • Validity of the Elite status is changed up to the end of February, 2006 for all current Elite Tier Members.

    Elite Levels will be valid through this date and Tier Bonus Miles will be credited to Tier Members accounts according to the new rules.

  • To enjoy the special privileges the next year you have to confirm you Elite status by earning 40000 qualifying Miles for Silver or 80000 for Gold level during the period January 01, 2005 – December 31, 2005. Otherwise the Silver or Gold Membership Status will be not granted for the next year.

Redeeming Aeroflot Bonus Awards

We have cancelled paper certificates for Award tickets and upgrades.

Award Certificates that have been issued before March 22, 2005 can be used through their expiration date.

To obtain your Award:

  • Make sure you have enough Miles on your Account for required Award ;
  • Contact the nearest Aeroflot ticket office in Moscow or Aeroflot Representative office with Membership card and Passport at least 7 days prior to estimated departure;


  • call Aeroflot Call Centre on 7 (095) 753 55 55 to make a reservation for Award Ticket;
  • Award Ticket can be issued within 3 days from reservation request after seat confirmation and deducting the miles.

To redeem your Miles with a Partner Award you need to request for paper Award Certificate.

All changes of Aeroflot Bonus Programme rules valid since March, 22, 2005.