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Aeroflot Bonus News

04 May 2007

Action "Gain the Height with Visa "Aeroflot" from Sberbank of Russia!"

We invite you to participate in the action «Gain the Height with Visa «Aeroflot» from Sberbank of Russia!» Only from May 1 to June 20, 2007:

  • Using the card Visa «Aeroflot» from Sberbank of Russia for payment for goods or services in any country of the world additional miles according to the program «Aeroflot Bonus» are accrued at 2 miles for each spent 1 US dollar, 1 Euro or 30 rubles subject to the card currency.
  • In addition to «greeting» miles accrued during issuing of the cards Visa «Aeroflot» in usual mode, during the Action period «present» miles are accrued (except for salary cards):




Total miles for
card issue

Visa Gold Aeroflot




Visa Classic Aeroflot




«Present» miles are accrued once per month subject to lodging of money by the Card Holder to the card and writing-off of annual fee till 01.10.2007. When issuing a few Cards with the same currency, «present» miles are accrued to the one card only.

  • After the action 50 Card Holders who have performed most operations of payment for goods and services (hereinafter the Winners) will be awarded with tourist packages for rest at hotels of the Rixos chain (Turkey).

When determining the Winners operations in the period since May 1 to June 30 2007 with the use of the card Visa «Aeroflot» for payment of goods/operations/services are taken into account as well as mobile services and satellite TV through cash machines of Sberbank of Russia or using the service «Mobile Bank» for the sum of not less than 500 rubles/ 20 US dollars/ 15 Euro each subject to the Card currency (as of the date of transaction processing by Sberbank of Russia). Operations performed with different Cards issued for the name of the same Card Holder are not summed.

The winners will be determined by Sberbank of Russia on 15.07.2007. Results will be available at the web site of Sberbank of Russia since July 15 to August 10, 2007.

For issuance of the card Visa «Aeroflot» please contact offices of Sberbank of Russia.

Please note that a participant of the program «Aeroflot Bonus» opening the card Visa «Aeroflot» should specify its number in the program at that the participant’s account and accumulated miles are preserved.

Detailed information is available in offices of Sberbank of Russia and at the web site www.sbrf.ru.

Rules of the Action, information about order and terms of receipt of a tourist package by the winners of the Action (link to the rules is at the SBRF web site, as they put it) are available at www.sbrf.ru.

Period of the action: 01.05.2007 – 30.06.2007