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Приветствие генерального директора ПАО «Аэрофлот» В.Г. Савельева

Генеральный директор ПАО Аэрофлот Виталий Савельев

Dear Passenger,

Welcome aboard this Aeroflot aircraft!

As we approach the end of the year, we are starting to make plans for the future. Aeroflot will soon start taking delivery of the new Airbus A350 – a modern and comfortable aircraft that will allow us to start offering new long-haul destinations including Chengdu, Osaka, Singapore, Goa and Mumbai.

In the coming year we will continue to expand our domestic route network. We plan to create a new hub in Krasnoyarsk and launch direct flights to Simferopol, Sochi, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Igarka, Norilsk and Irkutsk. International destinations from Krasnoyarsk will include Beijing and Sanya.


New routes and transit flights bypassing Moscow will add further direct connections between Russia’s regions, offering Russian citizens increased mobility. Creating a hub in Krasnoyarsk is the first step on the way to increasing the interconnectedness of the Russian regions. In line with our Strategy 2023 we will create another three bases in Sochi, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.




Аэрофлот обложка

In the December issue of Aeroflot magazine we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the upcoming month, as well as new books and films.

Opera singer Julia Lezhneva explains why the transition from classical repertoire to baroque music is difficult; artistic director of Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater Andrey Moguchy tells the story of how Alexander Blok taught peasants and Red Army soldiers how to applaud properly; art historian and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art curator Alexey Novoselov shares his plans for the next 20 years; and author and actor Grigory Sluzhitel reveals how he manages to juggle two careers.

The Travel Section will help you find the well-hidden wonders of Dubai, understand why the Sevillians are the happiest people on the planet, experience four popular Alpine resorts the way only those in the know can, learn which of the Canary Islands was the edge of the world for geographers in the Columbus era, and why it is worth visiting now, pick the best roasted cuttlefish in the whole of Lisbon, and come up with a dozen reasons to visit Phuket.

If you were imprudent enough to order a “Burlak’s Breakfast” or a “Crab’s Vertical” at a Moscow restaurant, be prepared: there will be no room left on your table, and you will have to call your friends for help to finish the meal: some culinary traditions simply forbid cooking dishes that serve one person. Learn in our review where trying the best dinner options requires a company.

The Reading Section features an excerpt of “Towards the New Zealand” by writer and poet Sergey Gandlevsky. All the essays included in this book deal with travels and let the reader not only roam the streets of Rome and Capri, plunge into the past in Cuba, or drive around Jordan in the company of an interesting conversationalist, but also learn a lot of new things about the world and themselves.

Аэрофлот Premium

Аэрофлот Premium обложка

We can already count the days left until the biggest holiday of the year. For many Russians, 2020 is a magical number: we are expecting miracles in the approaching year, and serious discussions of numerology and good omens are underway across the country. So the December issue of Aeroflot Premium is devoted to fortifying travellers with the rosiest of presentiments.

As ever, the issue contains a selection of the month’s most interesting and anticipated events, including hotel news, restaurant openings, overviews of the latest premium cars on the market, as well as articles from our authors on watches and jewellery art, the latest gadgets, rare books and artworks specially created for the connoisseurs of the art market.

The star of our December issue is Irina Antonova, the president of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, who has borne witness to – and played a direct role in – the 20th century’s most important artistic processes.

This month’s exclusive content includes “Vanishing Nature” in the Travel section, a photo report on the Buddhist monks of Myanmar, a roundup of the year’s gastronomic events and some practical advice on how to select a bottle for your festive table.

This time around, our traditional New Year gifts section is devoted to the magic world of cinema, inspired by the most eagerly awaited “remakes” to hit big screens in 2020.

Foreign readers of Aeroflot Premium, meanwhile, can enjoy a selection of carefully chosen articles

Аэрофлот Premium – December 2019 (PDF) 

Аэрофлот Style

Аэрофлот Style обложка

Everybody wants to know what lies in store for them next year – and we at Aeroflot STYLE are no exception! The main feature in this festive issue is a grand astrological prognosis for 2020, compiled with help from jewellers as well as astrologists. Find your sign of the zodiac, select your element, and all the secret connections between the stars and precious stones will be revealed to you.

Other important pieces in this issue are ‘Theatre of the absurd’, an article which gets to grips with the essence of the trendy concept ‘camp’. Nor have we ignored the main festive trends for this year, which include clothes made from feathers and combo dresses suitable for evening wear. We also look at an ‘eternal classic’ – the little black dress – and give you six options for what to wear with it.

In our Beauty section look out for our analytical survey of everything that has been attained this year in the realm of beauty. Our Travel section includes a list of the best hotels opened in 2019.

This month’s principal celebrities are Hollywood star Felicity Jones, French collector Frédéric Coustols, chef Mathias Dahlgren, and perfume historian Roja Dove.

I wish you a pleasant flight and a Happy New Year!

Аэрофлот Style – December 2019 (Файл в формате PDF) 


AEROFLOT обложка

The new issue of our English-language Aeroflot inflight magazine invites our foreign passengers on an enchanting journey across wintry Russia’s snowy spaces.

As blizzards sing outside, discover the unforgettable Baikal, a lake that offers a test of fortitude at any time of year, and the Solovetsky Islands, a wondrous archipelago in the White Sea. Then there are far-flung Chukotka and Siberia, home to the master craftsmen of the ivory-carving trade, and the city of Ivanovo, the famed centre of the country's textile industry and sometimes called the “Russian Manchester”.

Tasting dishes cooked in a traditional Russian stove promises to be no less of an absorbing experience for travellers, who can also acquaint themselves with the original recipe for Russia’s indispensable festive favourite Olivier salad and visit a selection of Moscow restaurants whose design can more than hold its own against that of the hippest dining spots in Europe’s capitals.

If you haven’t yet decided what you’d like to receive for Christmas or New Year, why not ask for a journey with Aeroflot and tickets to a performance of The Nutcracker? Just check out our Best of

AEROFLOT – December-January 2019 (Файл в формате PDF)