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Exquisite cuisine

We are pleased to offer a new menu designed by the head chef from Aeromar, the leading on-board catering company in the Russian Federation. Thierry Mona has a wealth of international experience in the aviation business. Mr. Mona has built his own particular professional style over 30 years, including as a member of the team of chefs serving the Commonwealth of Nations. Flying with us gives you the unique opportunity to unravel the secrets of his cuisine and discover new unforgettable tastes.

Aeroflot's menus have been traditionally created by world-famous chefs, including ones with Michelin stars. The airline is currently doing all it can to help realize the potential of domestic talents. For this reason Russian chefs — winners of the High Flyers culinary contest — were involved in developing the new menu. The High Flyers contest, Russia's largest gastronomic initiative, is organized by Aeroflot with the support of the Russian Restaurant Festival (RRF). In October 2017, the second High Flyers contest was held simultaneously in 11 Russian cities.

Depending on your flight's departure time, you will be offered a hot breakfast, lunch or dinner and snacks.

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