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Company News

01 April 2013

Aeroflot Puts FFS SSJ 100 into Operation

April 01, 2013 MOSCOW

Aeroflot puts into operation the full flight simulator (FFS) for Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Aeroflot FFS SSJ-100 was jointly developed by L3 (formerly Thales Training & Simulation) and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC). This latest generation «Reality 7» FFS allows a real time training for SSJ 100 pilots during all stages of flight in normal conditions and in emergency situations. The simulator is equipped with a modern electro-hydraulic movement system, visualization system with LCOS-projection devices and an instructor workstation with improved ergonomics.

Currently there are ten SSJ 100 airplanes in Aeroflot fleet. With the new FFS SSJ-100 in service the air company’s Air Personnel Training Center will enable Aeroflot pilots to master their flying skills, contributing greatly to the increase of their training quality level.

Aeroflot simulator complex consists of a wide choice of flight simulators: FFS A320 Series 5000, FFS A320 Series 7000, FFS IL96-300, FNPT DA-42, MFTD A320, CHT IL 96-300 as well as special simulators for emergency and rescue training for A319/320/321, A330, B767, SSJ-100 and Il-96-300 aircraft. It is worth mentioning that Aeroflot has such specific simulators as a real fire extinguish simulator and a swimming pool for emergency and rescue operations training.

In the end of March 2013 Aeroflot put in operation the full flight simulator for Airbus A330 (the first in Russia) and in the nearest future Aeroflot is planning to expand its simulator complex with FFS MC-21, FFS A350 and FFS B787.

Celebrating its 90-th anniversary in 2013, Aeroflot is Russia’s flagship airline and the largest national air company. Proudly being a member of SkyTeam global airline alliance, Aeroflot with its partnering members provides service to 1000 destinations in 187 countries. Aeroflot operates one of the most modern and youngest fleets in Europe counting 132 aircraft formed by Airbus, Boeing and Sukhoi airliners with an average airplane age of 5 years. In 2012 Aeroflot carried 17,7 million passengers, continuously showing the best results in modern Russia’s history. In the same year Aeroflot received Readers’ Choice Condé Nast Traveller Award as the best Russian airline. Find more at www.aeroflot.ru.