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Company News

16 September 2003

Aeroflot has launched a programme for children "Aeroflot Bonus" Junior

September 4. Moscow. – Aeroflot-Russian Airlines launched a new programme "Aeroflot Bonus" Junior for young travelers from 2 to 12 years old. "Aeroflot Bonus" Junior is a part of the loyalty system for Aeroflot passengers.

From the age of 12 a member automatically prolongs participation in the Aeroflot Bonus programme. “Aeroflot Bonus” Junior submits terms and conditions of the “Aeroflot Bonus” programme with some special regulations.

Young passengers receive a special welcome kit including “Aeroflot Bonus” Junior card. Junior programme members earn points according to general rules of Aeroflot Bonus and can qualify to "silver" or "gold" elite membership.

Juniors can be rewarded according to Aeroflot Bonus programme rules. To obtain Junior’s award parents should fill in the Award Request form, sign it up and complete with copies of Junior’s documents and parents documents. Award transfer is not permitted in Aeroflot Bonus Junior programme.

To register a young passenger in Aeroflot Bonus Junior programme parents or trustees should fill in the application form or complete online registration on the programme site www.aeroflotbonus.ru. Following information should be provided: child’s document details, parents/trustees passports details. According to Gelena Bakholdina, Director of "Aeroflot Bonus" programme, "Aeroflot Bonus" Junior is a very important step of the company following passengers’ requests. "Aeroflot is interested in strengthening passengers’ loyalty and strives to offer new up to date services", Bakholdina said. You may get more information about "Aeroflot Bonus" Junior on "Aeroflot Bonus" programme site www.aeroflotbonus.ru or by phone +7 (095) 723-82-60.