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Company News

09 December 2003

Aeroflot starts new advertising and image campaign of 2004

Moscow, December 4, 2003. – Today Aeroflot-Russian Airlines and FCB Media Arts have presented to the press Aeroflot’s new advertising and image campaign that is to start on the central TV tomorrow.

This August in an open competition FCB Media Arts was chosen as the main partner in development and realization of Aeroflot new image campaign; the ideas proposed by the Agency formed the basis of TV preview trailers and outward advertising models.

The advertising campaign is to become an important stage in Aeroflot rebranding project. Its goal is to change the airline company positioning.

Aeroflot changes rapidly and it is interested these changes to be well accepted by passengers and the market. The key values of the new advertising campaign will be based on sincerity, cordiality, hospitality that emphasize significant improvement of Aeroflot services as well as its professionalism, exceeding expectations, the world standards that symbolize the pride for the national airline company in Russia.

According to FCB Media Arts Director General Oleg Volkosh, the agency faced a complicated task because such notions like “air transport, fashion and attractiveness” were not compatible in our country traditionally.

“At the same time, Volkosh stresses, a corporate style determines a company’s success in the market, makes it famous, influences its customers’ preferences and attitude. That’s why taking over such an important task on Aeroflot new image establishment developers wanted to create an image of reliable, modern, hospitable airline company, the company that people can trust and take its services time and again.”

“And we succeeded in achieving the target, says Aeroflot Commercial Director Yevgeny Bachurin. Aeroflot new image includes harmonious contemporaneity, practicality and traditional Russian cordiality and comfort.”

For the advertising campaign that is to start in Moscow on December, 2003, and will be held in other Russian regions FCB MA experts made three models for the outward advertising and three TV preview trailers developed by Timur Bekmambetov, Baselevs Production producer.

According to Aeroflot Director General Valery Okulov, true success accompanies the one who is able to change, who is open for new knowledge and experience. “Rate loss means business loss in today’s world”, stresses Mr. Okulov. The new image campaign reflects just a few first steps of Aeroflot changes that are to be followed with new projects aimed at service standards improvement and increasing attractiveness for passengers. Aeroflot has everything for achieving this goal – strife for self-perfection and assurance of the future.

Public Relations Department