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Passengers flying with Aeroflot PJSC can upgrade to Comfort class for an additional fee. The service can be issued 72 hours before the scheduled departure through the Contact Centre or Aeroflot website, or when checking in for the flight at the airport.

The following requirements need to be met to upgrade:

  • The service is only available to passengers with tickets with a confirmed booking on direct or through fares for all booking classes under the Economy class of service;
  • The flight for which an award upgrade is requested is a regular flight operated by Aeroflot, except for codeshare flights within the SU3000-4999 range;
  • The service is only available to passengers flying on aircraft equipped with Premium Economy facilities;
  • Seats must be available in the corresponding class of service.

For connecting flights, an upgrade is only allowed during check-in for the first flight segment in each direction. Upgrades are available for flights connecting in Sheremetyevo if the segment originates in Moscow and if carriage is paid for in the Aeroflot PJSC sales office in the Sheremetyevo airport transit area. If the transit passenger leaves the Sheremetyevo Airport transit area, he/she can go to a check-in desk in the departures hall to request an upgrade for the following flight.

Prices for on-request upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy:

  • For short-haul flights (flight time under 3 hours), the price for the service is RUB 4,000/RUB 4,000 for flights within the Russian Federation, or EUR 50/EUR 50 for flights to/from foreign destinations.
  • For medium-haul flights (flight time from 3 to 6 hours), the price for the service is RUB 6,000/RUB 6,000 for flights within the Russian Federation, or EUR 100/EUR 100 for flights to/from foreign destinations.
  • For long-haul flights (flight time over 6 hours), the price for the service is RUB 8,000/RUB 8,000 for flights within the Russian Federation, or EUR 150/EUR 150 for flights to/from foreign destinations. Exception: For flights from the USA to Moscow, the price for the service is USD 150/USD 150.

The following discounts apply:

  • The service is free for infants under 2 years of age without a separate seat.

During check-in, passengers who have paid for the upgrade will be issued an Economy Class boarding pass in accordance with the booked ticket. The boarding pass will be changed while boarding the aircraft.

The free baggage allowance for a passenger using the service is the one specified in the ticket.

Aeroflot Bonus miles are credited in accordance with the fare specified in the ticket.

In-flight services are provided without any limits in accordance with the class of service to which the upgrade was made.

Aeroflot PJSC reserves the right to limit the service based on the actual flight load and to amend the terms of service prior to payment without notice.

The passenger may apply for a full refund within one year of the MCO voucher issue date. It takes up to two weeks after the application date for the airline company to verify all the details and issue a refund. The refund may be collected at any Aeroflot point of sale or representative office in or outside of Russia, subject to presentation of the passenger’s original MCO voucher.


Please note that due to the infrastructure at some airports, it may not always be possible to deliver on-board meals in time. Please arrive at the airport well in advance to order the service. Orders should be placed at least 1,5 minutes before the scheduled departure time at the Sheremetyevo hub airport. The service may be ordered and paid for on Aeroflot PJSC's website or through the Contact Centre no later than 2 hours before departure.