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Aeroflot Bonus News

14 December 2012

New class of service and new structure of booking classes

Starting from February 01, 2013 Aeroflot is introducing brand new Boeing 777-300 and new class of service – Comfort. Also starting from February 01, 2013 new structure of  booking classes will be put into effect.

Starting from February 01, 2013 miles will be credited depending on the fare and the distance in accordance with the following scheme:

Business class

PREMIUM-Business (J, C, D) – 250%

Optimum-Business (I, Z) – 150%

Comfort class

PREMIUM- Comfort (W, S, A) – 200%

Economy class

PREMIUM-Economy (Y, B) – 200%

OPTIMUM-Economy (M, U, K, H, L) – 150%

BUDGET-Economy (Q, T, E, N) – 75%

PROMO-Economy (R) – 25%

More information on miles accrual here.