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SkyTeam Alliance News

15 November 2018

Update: SkyTeam and China Southern

Amsterdam, Guangzhou 15 November 2018. China Southern Airlines has decided not to renew its contract with SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, as of 1 January 2019.

China Southern’s decision reflects its strategic development, the changing trends of the global aviation industry and the evolution of alliances.

SkyTeam and China Southern have agreed to work closely together to ensure a seamless transition for all customers and partners. That process will run throughout 2019 and will complete by the year-end.

Kristin Colvile, SkyTeam CEO, “Network has always been the foundation of SkyTeam. Our new value proposition retains that strong integrated network and combines it with our continued focus on improving customer experience through technology. China Southern has been a valued member of SkyTeam. We respect its decision and wish it well.”

Klara Zakis, Manager of Corporate and Internal Communications, SkyTeam



Frequent Asked Questions for Customers

What will happen to my SkyTeam benefits, like earning or using frequent flyer miles, airport lounges, SkyPriority or Go Around the World pass? And will that change immediately after 1 January 2019?

Customers are our priority. Things will change, but it will not happen overnight. SkyTeam and China Southern have agreed to work together throughout 2019 to ensure a seamless transition for all of our customers. We will keep you updated in the coming weeks and months.

Can I still travel with the (award) ticket I have booked, even after 1 January 2019?


Can I still travel to China with SkyTeam?

Yes. There is virtually no change to destinations served, including those in Greater China. The vast majority can be reached and will continue to be served by SkyTeam member airlines.