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08 November 2015

Transfer Of Personal Luggage From Egypt To Russia

Moscow, 8 November 2015. - Luggage belonging to Russian citizens is being delivered from Egypt to Russia by the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the Defence Ministry’s 224th Airborne Division and Volga-Dnepr airline.

The first consignments of luggage belonging to Russian tourists have already arrived at Vnukovo airport in Moscow. An Emergencies Ministry Ilyushin-76 cargo plane last night returned 23 tonnes of luggage (representing 1,125 seats on eight flights) to Vnukovo from Sharm-el-Sheikh. Another Emergencies Ministry Il-76 arrived at Vnukovo today from Hurgada carrying 30 tonnes of luggage (about 1,500 seats on 12 flights).

In addition to Emergencies Ministry flights, luggage belonging to Russian tourists is being transported by Il-76s of the Defence Ministry’s 224th Airborne Division and Il-76s and Antonov-124s belonging to Volga-Dnepr. Il-76s of the 224th Airborne Division have already arrived at Sharm-el-Sheikh and Hurgarda and are loading luggage. Aircraft belonging to Volga-Dnepr are also arriving at Egyptian resort airports.

All luggage belonging to Russian tourists is subject to increased screening using special equipment and handlers, after which it is transferred to a secure zone for loading onto cargo planes of Russian airlines.

Luggage from the same flight is not split up into separate consignments for transportation by different cargo planes. All luggage from the same flight is transported on the same plane, and is packed efficiently for loading.

All luggage arrives from airports in Egypt to Vnukovo airport in Moscow. After unloading at Vnukovo, luggage is sorted by flight, after which representatives of the individual airlines and if necessary the luggage services of Sheremetevo and Domodedov airports are notified. Luggage from flights operated out of Vnukovo is delivered at Vnukovo.

For luggage destined for other airports in Moscow (Sheremetevo and Domoededovo), the cargo services of Sheremetevo and Domodedovo work with airline representatives to arrange delivery from Vnukovo to other airports for delivery to passengers or on-shipment to the final destination.

Once luggage has arrived at its final destination, the luggage handling services of the airport inform the luggage owners that their luggage has arrived and organize delivery.

When necessary, the capacities of Russian Post are involved.

The Federal Air Transportation Agency (Rosaviatsia) reminds passengers flying from airports in Egypt that they should arrive at the airport with their luggage, and proceed through check-in and luggage registration. Each piece of luggage should bear an additional label noting the name, surname and address of the passenger in Russia, the flight number, departure date (according to the ticket) and a contact telephone number. In the interests of safety passengers are only allowed to bring cabin luggage on board. Cabin luggage may include only personal essentials, including baby food and first aid supplies.