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Company News

10 October 2015

Aeroflot will supply airplanes to transport Biblio Globus clients with return flights up to 15 december and confirms departures of Biblio Globus clients with Transaero tickets through 00:00 on 15 October

10 October 2015, Moscow. - Aeroflot confirms that Biblio Globus clients with Transaero tickets for departures before 00:00 on 15 October will be transported on Transaero flights in accordance with the schedule.

Starting from 15 October, Aeroflot will supply a Boeing 777 (from the Orenburg Airlines fleet) dedicated to flights for the tour operator Biblio Globus to Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurgada and Punta Cana in accordance with contract obligations between the tour operator Biblio Globus and Transaero for the transportation of tourists returning before 15 December 2015.

Information about the flight schedule will be updated every day on the websites and official social media accounts of Aeroflot and Transaero.

For passengers’ convenience, the Transaero website now has a page with information about the status of flights scheduled for the next two days: http://info-services.transaero.ru/status. Flight numbers should be entered without the prefix “UN”. I

f additional flights are cancelled, notification will be provided by the Transaero call centre.