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Company News

07 October 2015

Information for passengers holding Transaero tickets purchased through agencies

There have been reports of a number of instances of passengers who purchased Transaero tickets being refused refunds by the third-party agencies that originally sold the tickets.

Management is concerned by these reports, given that the agencies sold tickets and received agents’ commissions from Transaero, and have no basis for refusing to give refunds.

Transaero will honour all obligations regarding refunds for tickets sold by agencies if a passenger applies for and is refused a refund by the agency in question. In such cases passengers should contact Transaero’s sales offices office (http://www.transaero.ru/ru/info-and-services/tickets/sales-offices) with documents confirming the agency’s refusal to provide a refund. Applications will be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

Tickets purchased at Transaero sales offices in Moscow will only be refunded at the sales office at 2 Paveletskaya Square, Building 3 (Paveletskaya metro station). The points of sale in Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports and the sales office at 11A Zubovsky Boulevard (Metro “Park Kultury”) cannot process refunds.

Passengers may return:

- Transaero tickets for travel after 00:00 on 15 December 2015

- Transaero return tickets with the outward leg before 15 December and the return leg after 15 December

- Transaero tickets for cancelled flights, if the passenger finds the offered alternative unsuitable.

Refund rules are posted on Transaero and Aeroflot’s webites and social-media accounts.