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Additional and special services. Special services order (stretcher, wheelchairs, etc)

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Dear passengers, to order a service please fill out the form below. Keep in mind that the number of free seats on the flight may change by the time your order is processed. Our staff member will get in touch with you after we have finished processing your request.

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We recommend you request special services not less than 36 hours prior to flight departure to receive guaranteed confirmation from the airline

in 3 dimensions
in 3 dimensions

Terms of wheelchair carriage:

  • Powered wheelchairs must be checked-in as baggage.
  • Powered wheelchairs must be transported in accordance with safety rules: the battery must be disconnected and battery terminals isolated to prevent a short circuit.
  • Passengers using a powered wheelchair must have a set of keys/devices for disconnecting the wheelchair battery terminals and a container for the battery (in accordance with the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Cargo by Air Doc 9284 AN/905 ICAO). The packaging for electrolyte batteries must be leak-proof and resistant to the electrolyte.
  • The capacity of the lithium-ion battery must not exceed 300 W, and for wheelchairs with two batteries, the capacity of each battery must not exceed 160 W. Either one spare battery with a capacity less than 300 W, or two spare batteries each with a capacity less than 160 W can be carried.

Accompaniment by another passenger necessary. Order must be placed 72 hours before departure time.
Child discounts not offered.


  • Transportation order must be placed 72 hours before the departure time specified in the schedule
  • Need to be accompanied by a medical assistant.
  • During check-in, it is necessary to present certificate on the need to use oxygen container and document confirming the date the container was last inspected.
  • Shipping weight of each container with gaseous oxygen or air needed for medical purposes must not exceed 5 kg.
  • Cylinders, air valves and oxygen regulators (wherever they are set up) must be protected from possible damage that can lead to spontaneous discharge of contents.
  • Medical oxygen devices for individual use that run on liquefied oxygen are forbidden to be carried as hand-luggage, nor inside baggage compartment, nor on a passenger.
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