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When flying with Aeroflot PJSC to/from Madrid or Barcelona, you can make use of the Rail&Fly programme run in cooperation with Spain's Renfe railway operator and the ACCESRAIL INC company. Under this programme, an Aeroflot PJSC ticket provides a travel package by air and rail to/from the following places in Spain:

Points of departure/arrival - Renfe railway operator:


City Railway station code City Railway station code
Madrid XTI (Madrid Chamartin) Albacete EEM
Madrid XOC (Madrid Atocha) Alicante YJE
Madrid XTI Almería AMR
Madrid XOC Barcelona YJB
Madrid XTI Bilbao YJI
Madrid XTI Burgos UGR
Madrid XOC Cadiz CDZ
Madrid XOC Castellón CPJ
Madrid XOC Ciudad Real XJI
Madrid XOC Cordoba XOJ
Madrid XOC Cuenca CEJ
Madrid XOC Granada YJG
Madrid XOC Guadalajara GDU
Madrid XOC Huelva HEV
Madrid XOC Jerez YJW
Madrid XTI León EEU
Madrid XOC Malaga YJM
Madrid XTI Murcia XUT
Madrid XTI Oviedo OVI
Madrid XTI Palencia PCI
Madrid XOC Pamplona EEP
Madrid XOC Zaragoza XZZ
Madrid XTI Segovia XOU
Madrid XOC Sevilla XQA
Madrid XOC Toledo XTJ
Madrid XTI Valladolid XIV
Madrid XOC Valencia YJV
Madrid XTI Vitoria VIO
Barcelona YJB (Barcelona Sants) Valencia YJV
Barcelona YJB Alicante YJE
Barcelona YJB Girona GIA
Barcelona YJB Lleida QLQ
Barcelona YJB Tarragona QGN
Barcelona YJB Zaragoza XZZ
Barcelona YJB Pamplona EEP
Barcelona YJB Castellón CPJ
Barcelona YJB Bilbao YJI


Please note:

  • The minimum connection time between the BARAJAS airport (MADRID) and Madrid Chamartin (XTI), Madrid Atocha (XOC) railway stations is three hours; the minimum connection time between the BARCELONA airport and the Barcelona Sants (YJB) railway station is also three hours;
  • an Aeroflot PJSC ticket doesn't allow passengers to travel by rail without advance registration;
  • passengers are required to self-register at https://secure.accesrail.com/checkin/;
  • registration opens, at the earliest, 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train for which the ticket is booked;
  • in order to register, a ticket or booking number is required;
  • the registration must be printed out for presentation upon boarding the train;
  • free baggage allowance for flights operated by Aeroflot PJSC is different from the free baggage allowance which applies to rail transport;
  • end-to-end check-in of baggage to/from the train station of arrival/departure is not supported;
  • in the event of a missed connection passengers must contact a Renfe office to arrange carriage on the next train.

You can book a travel package in an Aeroflot PJSC office or through your tour operator.

Further information is available on the Accesrail company website http://www.accesrail.com/products.