Rail & Fly

A joint travel programme by Aeroflot and German railway company Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn

If you can't find a direct flight to your desired destination in Germany, there's no need to search for separate train and plane tickets. You can book both plane and train tickets at affordable prices by taking advantage of the Rail & Fly joint travel programme by Aeroflot and German railway company Deutsche Bahn.

Fixed price

The cost of your train ticket won't depend on distance or destination. You can travel first class with Deutsche Bahn if you fly in business, and second class if you fly in economy.

Single booking for plane and train

In addition to your plane ticket, you will get a train ticket valid from the airport to any one of more than 5,600 Deutsche Bahn destinations.

Not limited to a specific train

The biggest advantage of this ticket is that it is valid for any departure time and any Deutsche Bahn train, except night and special trains (Autozug, ThalysDB) .

More than 5,600 destinations, routes starting from 10 airports

You can take advantage of this programme if your flight arrives into Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Amsterdam, or Zurich..

in the Deutsche Bahn railway network:

Intercity-Express - high-speed train routes within the German railway network

Intercity (IC), Eurocity (EC) - international short and long distance trains within the European railway network

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Please note! Tickets for infants under 2 years old for routes including travel by Deutsche Bahn can only be issued in Aeroflot PJSC sales offices.

How can I book?

1. Open the ticket search form

Go to the route selection on the booking page or use the form on this page.

2. Enter QYG* in the Destination field

The search results will show the arrival airports where you can catch a train to that destination.

* QYG is the IATA code for German railways

3. Select flight

Pick a convenient flight route. You can use your train ticket for 24 hours after the flight.

How do I use it?

Keep your Pick-up number

Your Pick-up number (confirmation number) is stated on the itinerary receipt. You need this to print out your Rail Fly train ticket at a ticket machine. Keep in mind that you will need to obtain a new Pick-up number if you edit your booking, i.e. change your flight.

Pick-up number

Print out your train ticket

The train ticket that you will need to show the train inspector is printed out separately from your plane ticket (itinerary receipt).

  • Online:
    On the Deutsche Bahn website, you will need to provide your last name, booking reference (PNR), or plane ticket number.
  • At the Deutsche Bahn ticket machines:
    At any of the 7,000 Deutsche Bahn ticket machines in Germany, Amsterdam, or Zurich, within 72 hours before the train's scheduled departure.

Present your ticket

Hand your printed Rail Fly train ticket to the inspector at their request.

Please contact Aeroflot PJSC Call Center if you have any questions about booking: