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Новости компании

28 марта 2011

Free baggage allowance

All your luggage, including a single piece of hand luggage that you wish to take into the passenger cabin, has to be shown to our check-in staff. This is required for safety reasons.

Before check-in, please put a name and address tag on each piece of your baggage. (all written with Latin letters to help identification by non-Russian speakers).

Your free baggage allowance depends on your flight destinations and service class. Any luggage that is accepted for carriage by Aeroflot will be marked by the check-in staff and is called checked. Please take care of your baggage receipts which you will need in case of delay or baggage loss.

Aeroflot is introducing new simplified baggage policy concept, by implementing harmonized Piece Concept on all Aeroflot routes*.

  • The new Piece Concept will be valid for any tickets issued on/after 01.04.2011.
  • New Piece Concept is differentiated based on travel class and / or ticket type.
  • The old weight concept rules and excess baggage charges are valid for ticket issued on / before 31.03.2011.

The most advantageous benefits for the customer are:

  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Customer friendly charge for extrapiece

* Cabin hand luggage policy remains unchanged

Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) Rules

General Concept

Compartment Free Baggage Allowance (FBA)
Economy class (COMFORT, FREEZE, PROMO brand fares) 1 PC
Economy class (STATUS brand fares) 2 PC
Business class 3 PC

1 PC = max 23 kg and 158 cm


Compartment Exception Free Baggage Allowance
Economy Class Travels between continental America (ex. New York/Washington) and Middle East / Africa / Asia (ex. Russian cities in Asia, Tashkent, Bishkek) 2 PC
Travels to/from pointsin India 2 PC
Travels to/from New York, Los Angeles, Erevan 2 PC
Seaman crew, Seaman Fare Types 2 PC
Infants 1 PC (max 10kg and 115cm)
FFP – Gold, Silver, Elite, Elite plus +1 PC
Business class FFP – Gold, Silver, Elite, Elite plus +1 PC

For domestic travel WITHIN Russian Federation ONLY.

In case total baggage weight (including cabin hand luggage) do not exceed 10 kg, the FBA rule shall be ignored.

Excess Baggage Charges

Category Domestic International*
Overweight 23kg – 32kg 50 EUR 100 EUR/USD
32kg – 45kg 100 EUR 150 EUR/USD
Oversize 158сm – 203сm 100 EUR 100 EUR/USD
morethan 203сm 150 EUR 150 EUR/USD
Extra Piece Second piece 50 EUR 50 EUR/USD
Third and any additional piece 150 EUR 150 EUR/USD

*$ - travels from points in US, Asia (except Russian points in Asia, TAS/FRU), ME, Africa, Ukraine.

€ - travels from other points