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Aeroflot and the Austrian Federal Railways

When flying with Aeroflot PJSC to/from Vienna, you can be a part of the Rail&Fly Austria programme run in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Railways and the ACCESRAIL INC company. Under this programme, an Aeroflot PJSC ticket provides a combined air and rail travel package to/from the following places in Austria:

Points of departure/arrival:

  • Bregenz (XGZ)
  • Graz Hbf (GGZ)
  • Innsbruck Hbf (IOB)
  • Klagenfurt Hbf (KGV) - extra change at Wien Hbf (XWC) required
  • Linz Hbf (LZS)
  • Salzburg Hbf (ZSB)
  • St. Pölten Hbf (POK)

Please note:

  • transfers from planes to trains and vice versa take place at Vienna Airport (VIE);
  • an Aeroflot PJSC ticket does not permit passengers to travel by rail without advance registration;
  • passengers are required to register themselves at https://secure.accesrail.com/checkin/, or at an ÖBB office (subject to a fee);
  • registration opens, at the earliest, 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train for which the ticket is booked;
  • in order to register, a ticket or booking number is required;
  • the registration must be printed out for presentation upon boarding the train;
  • Aeroflot PJSC applies its own free baggage allowance, which differs from the allowance for trains operated by the Austrian Federal Railways;
  • it is not possible to check-in baggage end-to-end to/from Austrian Federal Railways train arrival/departure points;
  • the following minimum transfer times have been established at Vienna Airport:
    • Rail/Air - 80 minutes
    • Air/Rail - 60 minutes
  • in the event of a missed connection passengers must contact an Austrian Federal Railways office to arrange carriage on the next train.

Contact the offices of Aeroflot PJSC or your travel agenсу to book a combined trip.

Further information is available on the Austrian Federal Railways website www.oebb.at/railandfly and the Accesrail company website http://www.accesrail.com/products/obb-tickets/.