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Company News

26 March 2019

Attention passengers flying to / from Istanbul

Moscow, 26 March 2019. – Aeroflot announces that starting 7 April 2019, all Aeroflot flights to and from Istanbul will be transferred to the new Istanbul airport (İstanbul Yeni Havalimanı).

 Due to the closure of Ataturk Airport and the transfer of flights to the new Istanbul Airport, it is necessary for Aeroflot to make the following changes flights scheduled for 5-7 April 2019:

  • On 5 April, the following flights are cancelled: SU2130 / 2131, SU2136 / 2137, SU2132 / 2133, SU2138, SU2134;
  • On 6 April, the following flights are cancelled: SU2135, SU2130 / 2131, SU2136 / 2137, SU2132 / 2133, SU2138 / 2139;
  • On 7 April, the following flight is cancelled: SU2139.

Please note that the IST airport code will remain the same.

Passengers will be notified through the booking and information centre. Passengers of canceled flights will have the opportunity to be issued an involuntary refund or have their ticket reissued without fines for the next three dates without changing the class of service.

Passengers who arrive at the airport for cancelled flights will be taken care of in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and in accordance with Aeroflot policies.

The new Istanbul airport was built 35 kilometers north of the European side of Istanbul. Public transport routes conveniently connect the airport to all parts of the city.

In order to avoid being late for flights, Aeroflot requests that passengers arrive at the airport well in advance, at least three hours before the scheduled departure time, to complete check-in and all pre-flight formalities. Aeroflot also reminds that boarding the aircraft is carried out in strict accordance with the time specified in the boarding pass.

More information is available from Aeroflot’s 24-hour call centre:

+7 495 223 55558-800-444-5555 (toll-free in Russia), *555 (for mobile phones), by calling the toll-free phones worldwide or in the company's own sales office.