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09 February 2019

Aeroflot updates rules on transporting animals in aircraft cabin

8 February 2019, Moscow - On 14 February 2019, Aeroflot will introduce new rules on transporting animals in the aircraft cabin. The changes are aimed at improving the level of safety and comfort of passengers.

The new requirements apply to the size of rigid containers and bags designed to transport animals in the cabin. As of 14 February, the sum of the three dimensions of the bag should not exceed 126 cm (previously the limit was 135 cm), and the length, height and width of the rigid container may not exceed 44, 30 and 26 cm, respectively (previously the sum of all three dimensions of a rigid container could not exceed 125 cm).

The new regulations make it possible to securely place a container or bag under the seat in front on all types of aircraft in the Aeroflot fleet allowing the passenger travelling with the animal and those nearby to sit comfortably without being obstructed and with sufficient legroom. If the container or bag cannot be placed in this position, it will be fastened to the passenger's seat belt, using an extension belt provided by flight attendants, during the aircraft's taxi, take-off and landing. In addition, the secure fastening of the container increases the safety of passengers and animals alike in case of an emergency.

The combined weight of the animal and pet carrier may not exceed 8 kg. If the total weight is greater than 8kg, the pet must be transported in the cargo hold. 

Passengers who plan to travel with pets and have purchased their tickets before 13 February, may fly in accordance with the old requirements.

Aeroflot reminds its passengers that during boarding, flight and disembarking the animal may neither be taken out of the carrier nor fed.  Service dogs may be transported in the cabin without a pet carrier, if the passenger presents the relevant documents. Guide dogs are also permitted in the cabin free of charge and in excess of the included baggage allowance.

Aeroflot allows the transportation of cats, dogs, birds and other small pets (ferrets, weasels, fenek, loris, raccoons, foxes, domesticated hedgehogs, dwarf rabbits, marmoses etc.), as a special form of non-standard baggage, as well as of dogs from the canine service of the Federal Executive authorities. Pet transportation is charged at special baggage rates. Passengers travelling with pets must arrive at the airport well in advance of scheduled departure time.

The list of animals that are not accepted for transportation, as well as the rules for flying with animals can be found in the "Travelling with Pets" section of Aeroflot website.

For additional information, please contact Aeroflot’s 24-hour call centre at +7 495 223 5555, 8-800-444-5555 (toll free in Russia), *555 (from your mobile telephone), or on international toll free lines; alternatively, you can contact an Aeroflot sales office.

About Aeroflot

Aeroflot is Russia’s flagship carrier and a proud member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. Aeroflot serves 152 destinations in 55 countries.

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Aeroflot holds 4-Star Airline status from Skytrax and was named Best Airline in Eastern Europe for the seventh time at the 2018 Skytrax World Airline Awards. Aeroflot has also been awarded a five-star global airline rating by US aviation association APEX.

Aeroflot is the world’s strongest airline brand according to leading brand strategy consultancy Brand Finance.

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