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Company News

17 January 2018

Information for passengers flying to/from Italy on 19 January

17 January 2018, Moscow. — Due to nationwide strike at Italian ground handling companies, Aeroflot has amended its timetable for 19 January as follows:

Flights have been cancelled:

SU2402/2403 Sheremetyevo – Rome – Sheremetyevo  

SU2410/2411 Sheremetyevo – Milan – Sheremetyevo  

SU2418/2419 Sheremetyevo – Rome – Sheremetyevo  

SU2596/2597 Sheremetyevo – Venice – Sheremetyevo

SU2612/2613 Sheremetyevo – Milan – Sheremetyevo

SU2404/2405 Sheremetyevo – Rome – Sheremetyevo

Departure times* have been changed for flights:

SU2412/2413 Sheremetyevo – Milan – Sheremetyevo, scheduled departure time 14:50/19:25. New departure time: 16:25/21:25.

SU2414/2415 Sheremetyevo – Мilan – Sheremetyevo, scheduled departure time 20:50/02:10. New departure time:  22:55/03:05.

SU2406/2407 Sheremetyevo – Rome – Sheremetyevo, scheduled departure time 11:30/16:20. New departure time: 16:15/21:25.

SU2408/2409 Sheremetyevo – Rome – Sheremetyevo, scheduled departure time 14:40/19:25. New departure time: 17:40/22:40

*All times Moscow time

Passengers will be informed through Aeroflot’s call-centre. Passengers arriving at the airport will be provided with all necessary support in line with aviation regulations and Aeroflot’s standards.

More information is available from Aeroflot’s 24-hour call centre : +7 495 223 55558-800-444-5555 (free call in Russia), via the contact centre's global free-call numbers (available on the website: https://www.aeroflot.ru/ru-en/offices/free_numbers) and at Aeroflot sales offices.