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Company News

07 January 2018

Aeroflot cancels flights to/from New York on 7 January in connection with closure of John F. Kennedy Airport (New York, USA)

7 January 2018, Moscow. — In connection with the challenging infrastructure situation at John F. Kennedy Airport(JFK)and the acute shortage of aircraft parking, the airport has announced certain limitations on the number of incoming flights. In the nearest future, the airport will only be servicing the backlog of delayed flights.

As such, it is necessary for Aeroflot to cancel the following flights scheduled for 7 January 2018:

SU100/SU101 Moscow — New York — Moscow

SU102/SU103 Moscow — New York — Moscow

SU123 New York — Moscow

SU122 Moscow — New York, having departed from Moscow on 6 January, but returning to Sheremetyevo in connection with the closure of JFK Airport.

Flights scheduled to depart from New York on 6 January 2017 are still planned to depart according to schedule. Passengers will be informed of any changes to their departure time.

Passengers ticketed on delayed flights may (at no additional cost):

- rebook for departure dates up to 14.01.2018 inclusive, including on connecting flights to/from New York operated by other airlines; return flights may also be rebooked at the same time (ticket changes can be made without any penalties provided that the new travel date is not later than 14 January; the departure date for the return leg can be changed at the same time provided that the length of the stay does not exceed the originally scheduled period);

- receive a full refund at the point of sale of the ticket.

Passengers will be informed through Aeroflot’s call-centre. Passengers arriving at the airport will be provided with all necessary support in line with aviation regulations and Aeroflot’s standards.

More information is available from Aeroflot’s 24-hour call centre : +7 495 223 55558-800-444-5555 (free call in Russia), via the contact centre's global free-call numbers (available on the website: https://www.aeroflot.ru/ru-en/offices/free_numbers) and at Aeroflot sales offices