Statue of Liberty. Buy plane tickets to New York
Central Park. Buy plane tickets to New York
Brooklyn Bridge. Buy plane tickets to New York
Panoramic View of Manhattan. Buy plane tickets to New York
Autumn in New-York. Buy plane tickets to New-York
Statue of Liberty
Central Park
Brooklyn Bridge
Panoramic View of Manhattan
Autumn in New-York

New York City is one of the most famous cities in the United States.  It is a city that comes up in a vast number of books and movies, and many songs have been written about its fast life.  There is hardly a person in the world who has not heard of Broadway, Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, amongst other iconic features.  It is a metropolitan centre for all kinds of activities, such as finance, business, fashion, design, art, music and entertainment. New York is a city of immigrants; in fact, 1/3 of its inhabitants were born outside the U.S. New York is full of motion, colours and lights. Here, you can find it all: old buildings and ultra-modern skyscrapers, upscale boutiques and huge shopping malls, fast food and high-end restaurants. It’s a unique and exciting place where unforgettable memories can be made.

The fastest and simplest way to get to the United States from Moscow is by plane. Aeroflot flies to New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.  The duration of the flight is approximately ten hours. The cheapest fares for round trips and connecting flights sell out quickly, so we recommend you purchase your tickets well in advance.

What to see

The Statue of Liberty is a symbolic monument not only for New York, but for all Americans.  This symbol of freedom is a welcoming sight for immigrants arriving from abroad.  It inspires hopes and dreams for a better future.  The statue was a gift from France to the U.S. for the opening of the World Fair in Philadelphia in 1876, the American centenary.  It was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustav Eiffel, who also designed the Eiffel Tower.  The statue is situated on Liberty Island and can be reached by ferry.

The Brooklyn Bridge is another national historic landmark located in New York. The bridge spans the East River and connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan.  At the time of construction, it was the longest bridge in the world and was called ‘the bridge that outran time’. Since then, it has proudly retained its status as an engineering masterpiece. The bridge offers a great view: Manhattan’s skyscrapers mesmerise by day as well as at night, when everything is illuminated.

In the heart of New York lies Times Square, a favourite tourist destination.  It is home to numerous boutiques, department stores, restaurants, theatres and music halls.  Everything comes to life when you see the skyscrapers, neon lights and commercial billboards that give the place its energy.  The square was named in 1904, when The New York Times moved to the Times Tower Building, famous for its rooftop New Year’s Eve ball drop.  Every year on 31 December,  Americans from every corner of the country watch the ball being lowered on a pole above the building to mark the start of a new year.

The longest and most popular road that passes through the square is Broadway. It starts in a quiet colonial-style neighbourhood, then progresses into the business sector before leading into Soho. It proceeds into the Theatre District and continues north through Manhattan and the Bronx and out of the city limits.  Broadway is considered the home of the American theatre industry and offers an abundance of shows at such venues as the Metropolitan Opera, one of the most famous opera houses in the world. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes and take a walk down New York’s iconic avenue and main artery..  Not doing so whilst visiting New York would be unforgivable.

New York is full of skyscrapers, the most famous of which is the 102-storey Empire State Building, constructed in 1931.  It was originally going to be used as an airship docking station; the top floors were supposed to be for passenger embarkation and disembarkation. However, the project was deemed to be too dangerous and flopped. There are currently two observation decks, on the 86th  and 102nd storeys, with absolutely breathtaking views of the city.

Once you’re done walking down noisy avenues and climbing skyscrapers, take a relaxed stroll through Central Park.  You will be captivated by this green oasis of shaded alleys and ponds in the middle of a busy metropolis. It is a popular place among locals for jogging, yoga, dates, walks with children, picnics in summer and ice skating in winter.  It’s the ideal place to roam around and take in the beauty of nature, watch the squirrels and ducks and just unwind after a long, busy day.

The city’s cultural and economic influence has made it one of the most important urban areas in the U.S. and the world.  It is a many-sided destination and is definitely worth a visit.