Panoramic View of London. Buy plane tickets to United Kingdom
Eilean Donan Castle. Buy plane tickets to United Kingdom
Roast Beef. Buy plane tickets to United Kingdom
Sherlock Holmes Museum. Buy plane tickets to United Kingdom
University of Cambridge. Buy plane tickets to United Kingdom
Panoramic View of London
Eilean Donan Castle
Roast Beef
Sherlock Holmes Museum
University of Cambridge
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We have all heard jokes about British weather. In reality, it is not as bad as you think. Yes, it may be rather rainy, but it’s not cold; even in January, temperatures remain above zero, and in July, they reach +25°C. The climate in Wales and Scotland is as mild as it is in England, but Scottish hills are covered in snow all winter and even part of the spring.

 Chances are that any schoolchild you ask will be able to name some British landmarks. However, to know them is one thing; it’s quite another to see the Tower of London with your own eyes, to set foot in the same places where Shakespeare once walked, to drink ale at a classic pub. Don’t let the complications of getting a visa stop you from having these experiences — visiting the United Kingdom at least once in your life is certainly worthwhile.

Aeroflot operates direct Moscow-London flights to the United Kingdom (duration: about 4 hours) that land at Heathrow International Airport, situated 24 km from London, or at Gatwick, 46 km from the center of the British capital. The most affordable option is to buy a round-trip ticket to London. Please note that the best deals on flights to the United Kingdom tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend booking tickets in advance.


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