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The most convenient way to get to Tenerife is to take a direct Moscow — Tenerife flight. The best money-saving option is to purchase a round-trip ticket. Flights arrive at Tenerife South Airport, located 56 kilometres from the city centre (flight duration: about 7 hours). Please note that the best airfares to Tenerife usually sell out quickly, so we strongly recommend booking tickets in advance.

The Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the northwestern shores of Africa. The archipelago consists of seven main habitable islands, of which the largest (2,034 square kilometres) and most popular among tourists is Tenerife.

The climate here is mildly hot and dry: despite the southeasterly Sirocco wind bringing heat and sand from the Sahara desert, the northeasterly trade winds soften the impact from Africa.

There is a reason why Tenerife is called the Island of Eternal Spring: in the winter, the temperatures rarely fall below +15°C, while in the summer it does not rise above +25°C, making a vacation here comfortable all year round.

Tenerife features lavish beaches, volcanic slopes covered with vegetation and surreal landscapes of lava fields. The island offers tourists countless activities: from relaxing sunbaths to active sports, scuba diving and paragliding. All of these activities are within reach; just come and see for yourself.

General flight information Moscow   Tenerife

Distance between cities

5 229 km

Time difference in winter

-4 h

Time difference in summer

-3 h

Average flight time

7 h 15 min

What to see

Tenerife is most popular for its beaches, which are plentiful and suit anyone’s taste. The island is divided into several resort zones complete with family-friendly hotels. Depending on your preference, you can choose from the youthful south with its endless chains of bars and clubs or the quaint north, favoured by older travelers. Avid divers usually prefer the southwest, while the southeast is ideal for surfing. Keep in mind that Tenerife is a volcanic island, so even though the beaches are sandy, they are usually dark or even black.

The capital and main city of the Canary Islands is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The main attraction is the Catholic church Iglesia de la Concepción, established by the conqueror Alonso Fernández de Lugo after the celebration of the feast of Corpus Christi in 1496. An interesting place to see is the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre. In addition to a vast collection of archeological and geological artifacts, especially interesting are the Guanche mummies (indigenous people of the Canary Islands) which are more than 1,400 years old.

The most mysterious place in Tenerife is the Pyramids of Güímar. The origin and purpose of these stone structures remains unknown. Some scientists have hypothesised that they were erected for astrological reasons, but the mystery remains unsolved.

The centerpiece of Tenerife is the 3,178-metre Teide Volcano. It is the highest point of not only the island, but also of continental Spain. You can reach the top by a cable car. The view of the island from the summit is spectacular, with bizarre cliff patterns, formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. Do not forget warm clothes, as cool gusts of wind are common on the top of the volcano.

Lovers of the animal kingdom are sure to enjoy the Loro Parque, a zoo with the world’s largest collection of parrot specimens and other exotic birds. Another great event is the Medieval Adventure where visitors can watch knights in shiny armor perform mounted tricks and swordplay at the medieval-style Castillo San Miguel. Enjoy a guest tour of the castle before the show and dinner after the show.