Visit unusual museums, try semolina cakes, and unwind on one of the northernmost beaches in the world – this is the kind of agenda Arkhangelsk can offer you in summer


The monument to Peter the Great by Mark Antokolsky, installed on the embankment in 1914, is depicted on the 500-ruble banknote.

The permanent exhibition at the Northern Maritime Museum is a tribute to the former glory of the city, from which the famous polar expeditions of Georgy Sedov, Fyodor Litke, Vladimir Rusanov, Otto Schmidt set off on their journeys. The museum is small, but it has such rarities as the personal belongings of great Arctic explorers, ship equipment, and various models of legendary vessels.

St. Nicholas Church is one of the most elegant in the city. It was built almost a hundred years ago: initially as a temple of the Nikolo-Korelsky Monastery, which was founded in 1598. The current building is the third church built on this very place in honor of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, one of the most revered saints in Russia and the patron of sailors.

The world’s only Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic is located in Arkhangelsk. The exhibition includes works by the artist Aleksandr Borisov, who participated in several polar expeditions and was the first to depict the Arctic directly from nature.

Who said that you cannot sunbath and swim on the brink of the Arctic Circle? Arkhangelsk has its own city Beach that was opened on the gentle bank of the Northern Dvina and equipped with locker rooms and sun loungers. There is also a cafe and a volleyball ground. In the summer, when the sun shines in the sky around the clock, the sandy Dvina shores are occupied by many people both day and night.

To taste the local pies, gingerbread and semolina cakes visit the Bakery on Chumbarovka. The stuffing for these delights of northern Russian cuisine includes cloudberry, blueberry, raspberry, mushrooms, cod, halibut, salmon, and smelt, and comes straight from the nearby forests and the sea. Also, here you have a grand choice of fresh bread and a variety of pastries.

6,800 m is the length of the Northern Dvina embankment. This is one of the oldest streets in Arkhangelsk. It serves as the main promenade and the venue for celebrations and street festivals. All the major attractions of the city are located here.

Fine specimens of the old architecture can now be seen only in the block called Chumbarovka. Houses and manors of merchants and commoners have been brought there from different parts of the city. In Chumbarovka you can also see the monument to Senya Malina, the hero of the fairy tales by Stepan Pisakhov.


Text: Dmitry Ivanov

Published on: February 26, 2018