Red Square. Buy plane tickets to Russia
Kizhi Island. Buy plane tickets to Russia
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Red Square
Kizhi Island
Lake Baikal
Kamchatka Peninsula
Matryoshka doll

Russia is a diverse, fascinating country, not to mention the largest in the world. Russia is so diverse that anyone can find a place to their liking here, all the while learning something new. Those who possess a Russian passport are free to go wherever they like, with no need for visas, and everybody in the country speaks the same language. (By the way, foreigners often find that fact astonishing.)

It’s often hard for travellers to feel passionate about their own countries, but it’s not just foreigners who see Russia as beautiful, mysterious and strikingly diverse. And even if you meet people who seem gloomy, know that after getting to know them better, they will turn out to be the warmest people in the world.

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Moscow Kremlin


Moscow is the biggest city in Russia, a political, economic and cultural centre that embraces the unique values and characteristics of a capital city. The townhouses of Old Zamoskvorechye are just a stone’s throw from the city’s skyscrapers, while the ...

Palace Bridge

Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg is Russia’s cultural capital; nicknamed the ‘Venice of the North’, it draws all of the romantics. The sheer number of museums, palaces, parks and theatres is overwhelming. The abundance of apartments-turned-museums, where the country’s cultural ...

Panoramic View of the City


Ekaterinburg is the fourth largest city in Russia and the capital of the Urals. It is rapidly expanding and attracting more and more visitors who seek to enjoy its cozy parks, architectural masterpieces, and fascinating museums. The climate in Ekaterinburg ...

Fishing Village


Initially three independent towns until the Königsberg Fortress united them and gave them their first name (Königsberg), the city was eventually renamed to Kaliningrad in 1946. The city’s entire history is reflected in its landscape: Soviet housing coexists ...

Kazan Kremlin


In 2005, Kazan celebrated its 1000th birthday. ‘Russia’s third capital’ (an officially registered trademark) has a distinct character due to its unique blend of Eastern and Western influences. Here you can find skyscrapers shooting up against the backdrop of ...

Chkalov Stairs

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is a lovely place for a family vacation for those who enjoy outdoor strolls. History lovers can visit some of the city’s museums, such as the Old Machinery and Instruments Museum or the Steam Engine Museum. When planning your visit, keep in ...

Maxim Gorky Park


The easiest way to get to Rostov-on-Don is by plane. Aeroflot offers direct flights to Rostov-on-Don from Moscow. The flight from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don International Airport, 8 km from the city centre, takes 2 hours. The earlier you book your tickets, the ...

Iversky Female Monastery


Samara has long converted from a small town to a rapidly developing city with a population over 1 million people, one of the ten largest cities in Russia. Founded in the 16th century, the city has preserved its historical buildings well. During Soviet times, ...

Marine Station


Sochi is an unusual place: some love it just as much as others dislike it, but hardly anyone is indifferent to Russia’s main resort. A visit is worthwhile, even if it’s just to form your own opinion. There are several reasons to explore the city, among which ...

Zolotoy Bridge


Vladivostok never ceases to surprise. It is sometimes compared with San Francisco, Naples and even Istanbul, and it really resembles each of these cities in some way, but also has its own flavour. It’s not as Asian as most people in the European part of ...

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