Panoramic View of Porto. Buy plane tickets to Portugal
Rossio Square. Buy plane tickets to Portugal
Tram in Lisbon. Buy plane tickets to Portugal
Cais da RIbeira. Buy plane tickets to Portugal
Pastel de nata. Buy plane tickets to Portugal
Panoramic View of Porto
Rossio Square
Tram in Lisbon
Cais da RIbeira
Pastel de nata
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Some parts of Portugal resemble Spain, Italy, or the southern regions of France, but with one huge difference: there are significantly fewer tourists here. This country attracts lone travelers who book their flights in advance and plan their routes meticulously. And on this trip, enjoyment is guaranteed! Here, everything delights visitors: a rich historical heritage, fantastic and affordable wine, the lingering tunes of fado songs breezing through cafes decorated with azulejo tiles, tram rides around Lisbon, and wonderful bike rides along the ocean.

Best time to go? Portugal’s climate is mild: the summer is dry and sunny, but not hot (luckily, the ocean keeps everything fresh), while the winter is rainy but with a comfortable temperature of 5-8°C. The water rarely warms up completely, so if you want to combine sightseeing with swimming, come when summer is in full swing and head south of Lisbon. Here, the water is 2-3 degrees warmer than in other areas. In the spring, Portugal has the best waves in the Atlantic, so the first warm days attract a multitude of surfers, many of whom stay until late fall.

Portugal is a country for real explorers. Here, every turn of the road reveals a treasure, from a gorgeous view of the turbulent Atlantic ocean with courageous surfers conquering its waves, to cozy little beach restaurants and picturesque lighthouses.

The easiest way to get to Portugal is to buy a Moscow-Lisbon flight. AEROFLOT operates direct flights (duration: usually under 6 hours) landing at Lisbon’s Portela International Airport, situated 10 km northwest of the city center. The earlier you book your tickets, the better the deal. You can save even more if you buy a round-trip ticket to Portugal.