Bergen. Buy plane tickets to Norway
Preikestolen. Buy plane tickets to Norway
Panoramic View of Sognefjord. Buy plane tickets to Norway
Akershus Fortress. Buy plane tickets to Norway
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Panoramic View of Sognefjord
Akershus Fortress
Polar Lights
Krone (NOK)
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Norway is a country of harsh but unbelievably beautiful northern nature, with its picturesque fjords, ice formations and the Northern Lights,  while its cities offer a rich cultural programme with interesting museums, as well as gastronomical delights.

Norway has a few climatic zones, which means its climate varies from continental (if you go inland) to subarctic in the far north. Nonetheless, the summer is quite warm. In most parts of the country, temperatures reach +25°C, and winter doesn’t get as cold as you would think: the average temperature in January is only -12°C, thanks to the Gulf Stream. However, it’s true that in some regions, the temperature does drop below -40°C, though very rarely.

Aeroflot operates direct Moscow-Oslo flights. They take just under 3 hours. Planes arrive at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, located 36 km from the city centre.

The best way to save is to buy round-trip tickets to Norway. Please note that the best deals sell out quickly, so we recommend booking in advance.