Panoramic View of Roma. Buy plane tickets to Italy
Lake Como. Buy plane tickets to Italy
Rialto Bridge. Buy plane tickets to Italy
Malcesine. Buy plane tickets to Italy
Italian Pizza. Buy plane tickets to Italy
Panoramic View of Roma
Lake Como
Rialto Bridge
Italian Pizza
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Italy has a bit of everything, so there’s something to suit every visitor, from first-timers to experienced travelers who think they’ve seen everything the country has to offer. Roughly speaking,e Italy consists of a few parts: the north, encompassing Milan, the world fashion capital, and the Alpine regions with their ski resorts; the centre (from Venice to Rome), responsible for most of the nation’s culture and history; and the south (Sicily and Calabria) – the most ‘Italian’ Italy, the one we see in films, hot and colourful. It takes at least one entire vacation to get to know each of these regions.

Aeroflot operates direct flights to six Italian cities: Rome (duration: around 4h), Milan, Venice, Bologna, Verona and Naples (duration to these destinations: 3.5h on average). Buying round-trip tickets to Italy is the most budget-friendly option. Please note that the best fares sell out quickly, so we recommend booking tickets in advance.