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It’s impossible to describe the diversity of India in just a few paragraphs. It is one of the most distinctive countries not only in Asia, but in the world. India is the birthplace of world religions, and their philosophical movements have influenced modern civilisations. You can’t help but fall in love with India at first sight or forever be pushed away.  Some travel here to find purpose through Buddhism, retreats and yoga centres; others seek and find life’s simple pleasures, like beaches and surfing. Regardless of their desires, everyone can find something magical here.  And let’s not forget about the nature, which is as diverse and multi-layered as the cultures, from snowy mountain peaks to hot, humid jungles. 

India stretches quite far from north to south and has an extraordinary variety of climates (climatic zones), ranging from tropical in the south to temperate and alpine in the north. When beach season starts in Goa, it’s snowing in Himalaya. The best time to go depends on the part of India you choose to visit. Peak travel times are November to February, as summer is unbearable in almost every corner of the country, except for the mountains. 

The most convenient way to get to India is to fly direct with Aeroflot from Moscow to Delhi). Flights last 6 hours and land at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is located 16 kilometres (around 10 miles) from the centre of the city. For the best deals, look for round-trip tickets, and remember to book early.