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Varna Cathedral
Panoramic View of Varna
Black Sea
Varna Fountain
Varna Clock Tower
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The most convenient way to get to Varna is to take a direct Moscow — Varna flight. The best money-saving option is to purchase a round-trip ticket. Aeroflot does not operate direct flights to Varna. Moscow — Varna flights are carried out with a transfer in Sofia. The plane arrives at Varna Airport, located 7,5 kilometers from the city. Please note that the best airfares to Varna usually sell out quickly, so we strongly recommend booking tickets in advance.

Varna is a port city, resort, and as the locals call it, the maritime capital of the sunny Bulgaria. It is a great destination not only during the summer, as the continental Mediterranean climate with mild winters (-2…+5°C) and dry warm summers (+25…+30°С) welcome visitors at any time of year.

General flight information Moscow   Varna

Distance between cities

1 559 km

Time difference in winter

-1 h

Time difference in summer

0 h

Average flight time

27 h

What to see

Start exploring from the pedestrian zone, formed from parts of the Knyaz Boris I Boulevard and Slivnitsa Boulevard, where locals come to relax. This is the spot to find many stores and boutiques, restaurants and cafés. The boulevards are also interesting from an architectural perspective. They are adorned by various styles of antique buildings, the majority of which are cultural monuments and under state protection.

Taking the Slivnitsa Boulevard towards the sea, you will reach the Sea Garden, which stretches 2.5 kilometres along the Black Sea coast. The park was opened back in the middle of the 19th century. Over the years, it has been restructured and expanded until it reached the present size. Many renowned architects and landscape design engineers worked on its appearance. Now, the park is decorated with rare vegetation and flowerbeds brought from various parts of Europe.

The garden is the favourite place for the locals to come for entertainment. In addition to long alleyways to go for a stroll, the seaside with the beach and multiple restaurants, bars and clubs, it also has an amusement park, zoo, observatory, planetarium, as well as the Cosmonauts Alley, where the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin planted a silver fir tree in May of 1961.

The Varna Aquarium is also located on the Sea Garden territory. It is not just a dull collection of fish, but the only biological station in Bulgaria, which is now part of the Institute of Fish Resources. It presents hundreds of sea creatures, mammals, mollusks and birds. The exhibition is divided into three basic sections and a foyer which introduce visitors to the amazing world of the Black Sea.

Particular inhabitants of the Black Sea can be found at the Dolphinarium, situated on the opposite side of the Sea Garden. This is a true place of pilgrimage for tourists with children. During the show, which takes place daily excluding Monday, dolphins perform incredible acrobatic tricks, vertical jumps, dance, and even sing!

The biggest attraction is the Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral, located on Saints Cyril and Methodius Square. It opened in 1886 as a monument to the liberation of Varna from Ottoman Rule. A functioning church, it is famous for its collection of icons, murals and stained glass. During holidays and weekends, visitors can enjoy the singing of a men’s choir at the cathedral.

Spend a day on Lake Varna — the largest, deepest and captivating lake on the Bulgarian coast. It is a saltwater lake, and the shores offer many activities — from a casual stroll to having a picnic, boating, fishing and healing mud therapy.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to try the local cuisine — traditional Bulgarian dishes with meat, seafood and generous salad portions.