Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Buy plane tickets to Bulgaria
Roman Thermae. Buy plane tickets to Bulgaria
Sunset over the Black Sea. Buy plane tickets to Bulgaria
Traditional Bulgarian Salad. Buy plane tickets to Bulgaria
Sea Garden in Varna. Buy plane tickets to Bulgaria
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Roman Thermae
Sunset over the Black Sea
Traditional Bulgarian Salad
Sea Garden in Varna
Bulgarian lev (BGN)
December-March, May - Semtember
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Aeroflot operates direct flights to Bulgaria (duration: about 3 hours) that land at Sofia Airport, situated 10 km from Bulgaria’s capital, or at resort Burgas (Burgas Airport ). The most affordable option is to buy a round-trip ticket. Please note that the best deals on flights to Bulgaria tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend booking tickets in advance.

Even though it is the 103rd largest country in the world, holiday in Bulgaria can be a rich experience. The Bulgarian shores of the Black Sea attract tourists every summer and not just for the alluring names like Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and Riviera. Not only does it have silky sands, healing air and mineral springs, but it also offers great value in comparison with other European resorts.

If you prefer hiking to beach relaxation, you will find snow capped mountain peaks and icy lakes of ski resorts. Bansko and Borovets will delight you with their ski slopes, beautiful scenery and colourful structures from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Seen from a different light, the small size of Bulgarian offers tourists a legitimate benefit: within only a few days’ time, you can relax on the beach, see the holy sites and admire the architecture of ancient cities. This fruitful land holds remnants of Thracians, Romans and even people from the Neolithic period. The national parks and lakes will introduce you to a variety of flora and fauna.

Children are always welcomed in Bulgaria, with almost every resort offering many options for family entertainment. The Bulgarian climate is considered exceptionally favourable for children’s health.

The weather is very mild throughout the year, with summer temperatures rarely exceeding +30°C, and even the mountainous regions usually do not drop below −10°C in the winter. The water temperature in the summer hovers around +23°C.

Bulgarian culinary traditions will amaze even the most demanding connoisseurs and delight those who lead a healthy lifestyle with its wholesomeness. The zest of the national cuisine comes from the spices, abundance of greens and dairy-based sauces. The bountifulness of vegetables and cheeses are the two pillars for most of the local recipes. A must-have dish is the phyllo dough cheese pie (banitsa), cold cucumber soup (tarator) and assortment of various meats with sauerkraut (banska kapama).