Independence Square. Buy plane tickets to Minsk
Panoramic view of Minsk. Buy plane tickets to Minsk
House of Government. Buy plane tickets to Minsk
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Independence Square
Panoramic view of Minsk
House of Government
Botanical Garden
Traditional Potato Pancakes
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Minsk is the capital of the Republic of Belarus. The first mention of the city can be found in the Primary Chronicle (a history of Kievan Rus’) and dates to 1067. However, despite its age, Minsk can’t boast of having much ancient architecture; often affected by major historical events, the city has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. Nevertheless, Minsk is a gem well worth visiting and is sure to satisfy even the most exacting travellers.

Minsk is very picturesque and colourful. It will charm visitors year-round with its beauty and harmony between architecture and nature, the proximity of ancient monuments, buildings from Stalin’s time, its cosy cafes and the hospitality of its citizens. 

The easiest way to get there is to fly. Aeroflot operates direct, 90-minute flights from Moscow to Minsk International Airport. For the best deals, look for round-trip tickets and be sure to book in advance.

General flight information Moscow   Minsk

Distance between cities

675 km

Time difference in winter

0 h

Time difference in summer

0 h

Average flight time

1 h 30 min

What to see

Start your journey from the centre of the Upper Old Town, Liberty Square (Ploshchad’ Svobody), and you’ll come across a beautiful architectural ensemble: Ratusha, a modern reconstruction of an 18th-century structure destroyed in 1861, Gostiny Dvor, a 19th-century monument, and the Cathedral of the Holy Name of Mary, an example of the early 18th-century Catholic Baroque style. The cathedral is considered the main shrine of Catholicism in Belarus and is the city’s main cathedral.

The most famous church in Belarus is the Church of Saints Simon and HelenaonIndependence Square. This Neo-Romanesque church was designed by the Polish architect Tomasz Pajzderski and completed in 1910. It’s also known as the Red Church, as it is made of red bricks. 

Not far from the Red Church are the City Hall (Dom Pravitelstva), the seat of the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus,, the presidential library and other government establishments.

The Svislach (Svisloch) River  runs through the city and is part of a gigantic park,Yanka Kupala Park.This is the most gorgeous place in Minsk, where visitors can rest in the shade of more than 4,000 trees planted in 1950..The park is also home to the Yanka Kupala National Literature Museum . Kupala was a poet who’s  regarded as one of the giants of Belarusian literature of the early 20th century.

Nature lovers will truly appreciate Minsk’s Botanical Garden. It is the biggest in the world, with 153 hectares of land and over 12,000 different plant species. In addition to many common plants, visitors can also see some that are less typical for subtropical climates, such as  orchids, eucalyptus trees, bamboo, fig trees, bay leaf trees and many others.

You can spend the entire day at the Dudutki Museum of Old Folk Crafts and Technologies. Just a 40-kilometre drive from Minsk, it allows you to travel back in history, to the Belarus of the 19th century. Visitors are immersed in cultural traditions at a country estate and can become millers, potters, bakers and even cheesemakers if they so desire.