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Good preparation is essential

For international flights please, familiarise yourself in good time of the specific immigration regulations of your destination country (required travel documents, customs regulations, currency, health care and other necessary legal formalities).

Ensure that you have all the necessary travel documents with you prior to departure

Detailed information can be obtained from the consulate of your destination country. If you are a Russian citizen, you may refer to the official site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for further details and recommendations concerning your journey.

Besides this, passengers independently booking air tickets by phone, on Aeroflot website or other sites, are obliged to observe a correct input of the passport data. Otherwise they can experience difficulties both during flight check-in and passport control at departure and arrival airports. This duty of passengers is fixed in the Federal Aviation Rules (Order N 82 of Ministry of Transport of June 28, 2007, section II, item 14.) "When booking, passenger gives necessary information on his personal data …"

When purchasing air tickets and checking in for flights, it must be understood that passengers whose visa starts on the following day, may be not accepted for carriage.  Border and immigration authorities of foreign countries and the Russian Federation reckon passenger's arrival in the country from the moment of landing of the aircraft at airport of destination.