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Website Regulations


1. General Provisions

1.1. These Regulations shall establish procedure for access to information materials posted in World Wide Web constituting the information resource www.aeroflot.ru (hereinafter - the Site), rights and responsibilities of webmaster in charge of Site support (hereinafter - the Website Owner), rights and responsibilities of the persons who provide access to the Site by means of World Wide Web (hereinafter – the Users). The content and structure of the Site and are under the protection as the objects of intellectual property.

1.2. These Regulations shall govern all mutual relations between the Website Owner and the Users. Where certain questions are not settled by these Regulations, mutual relations of the Owner and site Users (hereinafter - the Parties) shall be governed by the provisions of current legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.3. The provisions of these Regulations shall be established, modified and terminated by the Website Owner unilaterally without prior notice. Once new edition of the Regulations is posted on the Site, previous edition shall be deemed to have no force and effect. It is the User's responsibility to review independently an updated edition of the Site. By using the Site the User acknowledges that he/she/it has reviewed the Regulations and be liable for any violation thereof. 

1.4. The rights and responsibilities of the Parties shall be governed by provisions of the edition of the Regulations which is in effect at the time when such rights and responsibilities have arisen, unless provided otherwise by the provisions of these Regulations, statutory legal acts and nature of legal relations arising between the parties.

1.5. The current edition of the Regulations is posted here in the World Wide Web.

1.6. Supported browsers and versions. For comfortable work with Site we recommend to use these browsers: Internet Explorer versions 10 and higher, Chrome version 45 and higher, Safari version 3.1 and higher, Mozilla Firefox version 45 and higher, Opera version 41 and higher, Android version 4.3 and higher, ios 9, Safari version 9.1 and higher, Edge version 13 and higher. You will need support of JavaScript and Cookies to be able to use some functions

2. Website Owner

2.1. The Website Owner is the Public Joint-Stock Company "Aeroflot - Russian airlines" (hereinafter PJSC "Aeroflot", the company).

2.2. The Website Owner shall have all exclusive rights to the Site and shall exercise the said rights at its own discretion, modify and supplement freely the program and information constituting the Site, permit or limit access to the Site, exercise other rights it may have with respect to the Site. The Website Owner may block at any time access to and/or use of the Site and/or information posted therein and/or services provided on the Site to one, several or all Users without giving any reason and without any compensation, including where it is impossible to complete booking of airline tickets.

2.3. The Website Owner shall carry out support of the Site with a view of posting on the Site of information relating to the company, its operations, information required by clients of the Website Owner and other contract partners, as well as other information which, in the Website Owner's opinion, may be useful to the Users of the Site.

3. Users of the site

3.1. A User is understood to be any person accessing the Site by means of World Wide Web. The User confirms that he/she is a legally capable person of full age. 

3.2. By accessing the Site by means of World Wide Web, the User undertakes to comply with these Regulations and other rules for use of the Site established by the Website Owner in any other documents posted on the Site. If the User does not consent to one or several requirements or rules he/she has the right to terminate at any time the use of Site and/or information posted therein.

3.3. The User can access certain sections of the Site after User registration on the Site. To register, the User is required to specify his/her login and password to be used thereafter to access such sections of the Site. Upon confirmation of registration and activation of login and password the User acquires the status of a registered User.  

3.4. By entering his/her given name, surname, passport details or other personal data (his/her own or third parties') when using the Site the User expresses consent for them to be processed (his/her own consent or confirms receipt of such consent from third parties - subjects of personal data) by the Website Owner or persons authorized by it with a view of performance of this agreement concerning the granting to the User of a right to use the Site and/or the information posted therein and/or the services usually provided on the Site.

3.5. The User's rights and responsibilities arise from the time of first access to any of the pages in the World Wide Web being part of the Site. The User has the right to refuse the exercise of his/her rights by closing the Site page which he/she was accessing.

3.6. The Users are given free access to the information materials posted on the Site. The Users are required to refrain from acts capable of harming information content, software and hardware of the Site, restricting access of third parties to the Site, from attempts in one way or another to change the structure of information content posted and software deployed on the Site.

4. Status of information posted on the Site

4.1. The rights to information materials posted on the Site shall be vested in the Website Owner and in other rightholders whose consent was obtained to post materials on the Site. Other persons shall not have any right to use materials posted on the Site in any manner, in full or in part, to disseminate, copy, reproduce the said materials without prior written authorization of the Website Owner and (or) other rightholders of said materials, except for instances of using the materials exclusively for personal purposes.

4.2. Users have the right to review freely materials posted in open access on the Site. Access to the materials posted on the Site shall be provided free of charge, except for instances expressly reserved on the Site. The parties shall independently bear all costs they incur in exercising their rights and responsibilities with respect to the Site.

4.3. The Website Owner will use every endeavor to make the information posted on the Site complete, reliable and up-to-date to maximum extent, not being able, however, it cannot guarantee that the information posted is complete, reliable and up-to-date (except where disclosure of information is mandatory by operation of law). The information concerning the flights schedule, departures and arrivals, availability and cost of tickets is for reference only.

4.4. The Website Owner shall take necessary measures to eliminate possible misrepresentations of information and to make sure it is updated in due time. Nevertheless, the Website Owner shall not guarantee that the information is up-to-date at each specific moment of time and shall not be liable for any inaccuracy, obsoleteness, unavailability of information on the Site and/or impossibility to provide the services usually provided on the Site.

4.5. Users will independently make their decision on whether to use the information posted on the Site, and the Website Owner shall not be liable for its use and for the consequences of the decisions they make>

5. Exchanging information with the Users

5.1. The Website Owner shall give to the Users the possibility to express their opinion concerning the services of the company, to ask questions, make proposals and remarks. For such purposes there are phone numbers and e-mail addresses of divisions of the Website Owner posted on the Site, the Open Line is established.

5.2. The Users shall not have the right to post on the Site any information of advertising, political, discrimination, pornographic nature and other information inconsistent with the requirements of the legislation, ethics and morality, as well as the information discrediting business reputation of the Website Owner, its related parties, contract partners and partners, and likewise the information on competitors of the Website Owner. The Users shall bear responsibility for reliability of information posted by them on the Site and its conformity with the requirements of legislation.

5.3. To get urgent information of inquiry nature the Users are recommended to refer in round-the-clock Information Support Center; to resolve other matters, to communicate complaints and proposals concerning the services of PJSC "Aeroflot" it is recommended to use the Open Line and e-mail.

5.4. The Website Owner cannot guarantee that the information provided to Users in electronic correspondence, in its replies to questions on the Site, on the Open Line represents entirely the position of the Website Owner. To get official information from the Website Owner you should send letter by regular mail at the address 119002, Moscow, Arbat, No. 10, PJSC "Aeroflot", with indication of sender's name, residence address (location address). Anonymous applications will not be considered.

5.5. The Website Owner's official answer on such request shall be deemed to be a document executed on the letterhead, signed by the authorized officer and certified with the seal of the Website Owner.

5.6. The information received from the Users may be posted on the Site except for instances where such information is marked with legend "not for publication". The information provided by the Users at the time of registration on the Site may not be posted and shall be deemed confidential, except for given name, patronymic and surname.

5.7. The Website Owner shall not be liable for the contents of information being received from the Users. Should the User's communication contain any information inconsistent with the legislation and principles of ethics and morality, the Website Owner reserves the right to remove immediately such communication and/or to terminate or limit access of the User to the Site without notice to the User

6.Questions and Answers

6.1. In order to give the Users the information on the operations of the Website Owner that is complete to maximum extent, the Site will contain answers to frequently asked questions.

6.2. The Website Owner reserves the right to publish any question it receives (except messages marked with legend "not for publication") and an answer to it in the Questions & Answers section of the Site. The Website Owner does not guarantee literal reproduction of the question received and reserves the right to edit and change in any manner the messages posted on the Site.

6.3. All questions listed in Questions & Answers section will be posted without indication of an inquirer's name

7. Responsibility of the Parties

7.1. Each of the Parties shall bear full responsibility for any damage caused to the other Party or third parties as a result of its deliberate acts of that Party.

7.2. The Website Owner shall not be liable in the event the User cannot access, use the Site and/or the information posted therein or to receive services usually provided on the Site.

7.3. The Website Owner shall not be liable for damages occurring with the Users or third parties as a result of using by the Users of any materials posted on the Site.

7.4. A violation by the User of provisions of these Regulations may be a basis for temporary or full denial of access to the Site or temporary or full termination of registration. A decision to deny access to the Site to certain User or to limit access of such User to the Site, or termination or suspension of registration shall be made by the Website Owner

8.Consideration of claims

8.1. The assertion of claims to the Site Owner shall be made by the way of sending of a letter via post to the address of location of the Site Owner specified in clause 5.4. of this Regulation. Such letter should contain details sufficient for a consideration of the claims by merits, as well as contain an indication of name and place of residence (address of location) of the sender. Anonymous claims shall not be considered.