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Silver Level - Sky Team Elite

+25% elite extra miles SUST

Silver Level Members will be posted extra miles for each flight operated by Aeroflot or an Aeroflot Bonus airline partner. The miles are non-qualifying.

The miles are posted depending on the distance between departure and arrival airports and the tariff paid. If the tariff grants posting of less than 100% of the distance, the extra miles are calculated based on the actually posted miles for the distance. If the tariff grants posting of 100% of the distance, extra miles are calculated based on the distance in miles specified in the Award Tables, exclusive of the qualifying miles for the tariff type.

Priority Baggage Handling SU

Silver Level Members will be given special baggage tags to expedite baggage handling. Please note that the privilege depends on the airport’s equipment with special baggage-handling systems.

ST The privilege is provided to Elite Card holders on SKYTEAM partner flights.

SU The privilege is provided to Silver Aeroflot Bonus Card holders on Aeroflot flights.