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Aeroflot on social media

Aeroflot uses social media to respond to current issues and to let people know about special offers, bonus programme news, flight-related information and entertainment. Our main English-language social media channel is our Facebook page; we also have accounts in Russian on Twitter and Instagram.

Please note that Aeroflot does not respond to complaints made via social media, or share official comments on these channels. Complaints and comments regarding our work should be sent to us as described We welcome suggestions for improving our official social media accounts and engagement via internet and social media – please send ideas to: follow@aeroflot.ru.

Aeroflot’s social media moderators will delete comments that:

  • Incite illegal action, race hate, or inflame religious or ethnic tensions
  • Contain swear words or offensive language directed at other users, company staff or the brand
  • Are advertisements, contain commercial information or clickbait links, repetitive comments, spam, and anything unrelated to the respective post

We will also report people who abuse our social media channels for these purposes.


Enjoy your flight! We look forward to seeing you online!