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15 September 2008

All flights with Aeroflot code will be operated on own aircraft

All flights with Aeroflot code will be operated on own aircraft

Moscow, 15th September 2008: Aeroflot cancels  the agreement with “Aeroflot Nord” on flights operated with Boeing B737-500, which has been flying to Russian destinations with SU code. From the 15th September, all destinations of both airlines will be operated with their own respective code.

In this context, operational changes were applied to the flight schedule. The following destinations will be operated by Aeroflot on own aircraft with SU code:

SU 819/820 Moscow – Perm – Moscow

SU 821/822 Moscow – Perm – Moscow

SU741/742 Moscow – Yekaterinburg – Moscow

SU877/878 Moscow – Surgut – Moscow

SU885/886 Moscow – Tyumen – Moscow

SU823/824 Moscow – Perm – Moscow


Flights which have been operated by Aeroflot so far will be returned to Aeroflot Nord with its code 5N:

5N 805/806 Moscow – Novosibirsk – Moscow

5N 807/808 Moscow – Novosibirsk – Moscow (from 23rd until 28th September 2008)

5N 735/736 Moscow – Yekaterinburg – Moscow

5N 831/832 Moscow – Samara – Moscow

5N 835/836 Moscow – Samara – Moscow

5N 751/752 Moscow – Kaliningrad – Moscow

5N 753/754 Moscow – Kaliningrad – Moscow

5N 755/756 Moscow – Kaliningrad – Moscow

5N 729/730 Moscow – Volgograd – Moscow

 These changes allow passengers to identify at first glance a flight’s operator.

As part of the Aeroflot group’s joint development strategy, Aeroflot will maintain very close cooperation with its subsidies. In doing so, Aeroflot continues to pay special attention to flight security as well as product quality.