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Company News

02 December 2017

Information for passengers traveling to/from Sheremetyevo airport on December 02, 2017

Due to severe weather conditions Aeroflot is amending the flight schedule for December 02, 2017. 

All the dates and timing is Moscow time. 

The following flights on  02.12.2017 are cancelled:

SU2402 Moscow  – Rome   08:05. The passengers will be carried by flight SU2418, planned departure time is 09.55 02.12.2017

SU2416 Moscow  – Milan  07:15. The passengers will be carried by flight  SU2410, planned departure time  is 09.15 02.12.2017

SU1304 Moscow – Mineralnie Vody, 07:35. Passengers will be carried by flight  SU1310, planned departure time is  09.30 02.12.2017

SU2136 Moscow  – Istanbul ,  07:25. Passengers will be carried by flight SU2130, planned departure time is 09.50  02.12.2017

SU1830 Moscow – Minsk,  09:00. Passengers will be carried by flight SU1840, planned departure time is  12:20  02.12.2017

SU 1158 Moscow – Rostov-on-Don,  07.30. Passengers will be carried by flight  SU1162, planned departure time is  09.35 02.12.2017.

SU1486  Мmoscow – Krasnoyarsk,  11.40. Passengers will be carried by flight SU1480, planned departure time 20.45  02.12.2017.

SU 2536 Moscow – Dusseldorf ,  08.15. Passengers will be carried by flight SU2152, planned departure time is  12.25  02.12.2017 and by flight SU2154, planned departure time is  14.45 02.12.2017.

SU1272 Moscow  – Krasnodar , 07.55. Passengers will be carried by flight  SU1102, palled departure time is п 11.00  02.12.2017.


All the passengers are being informed via booking and information center. 

All the passengers arrived for registration will be provided with the services according to the Aeroflot standards. The passengers of cancelled flights will be carried by next flights.

 We are informing our passengers about the flight status and changes in the flight schedule.

All the information is available at our web site www.aeroflot.ru, via call center : +7 495 223 5555, 8-800-444-5555 (toll free in Russia) and in our sales offices