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Company News

26 February 2017

SU 2391 information statement

Aeroflot confirms that flight SU 2391 from Zurich to Moscow returned to Zurich after an minor incident involving one of the engines. The Airbus A321 landed safely at 15:35 local time (17:35 Moscow time) today, and there were no injuries to passengers or crew members on board. The aircraft’s flightworthiness was not affected.

Our priority now is to ensure that passengers can continue their journeys without further delay. Aeroflot will fly an Airbus A333 to accommodate additional passengers in place of the scheduled Airbus A320 from Zurich to Moscow for flight SU2392, departing at 19:30from Zurich.

Aeroflot regrets the inconvenience caused by today’s diversion. Updated information will also be posted on the Aeroflot website and on Twitter at @AeroflotManUtd