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Company News

15 August 2002

Aeroflot got international quality certificate

On August 15, 2002 Klaus Thies, an official representative of international certification organization TUV CERT, the director of international certification center RW TUV, presented Valery Okulov, Aeroflot Russian Airlines general director the certificate of compliance to the International quality standards of ISO 9001-2000.

The airline company obtained high recognition for the development and introduction of a state-of-the-art system of production management, targeted at satisfying customers’ needs. Certification audit of the management system based upon the requirements of ISO 9001 international standard was held in three divisions of the company: Airline Security Service (ASS), Flights Control Center (FCC) and Airline Staff Training Center (ASTC). The decision about audit was imposed by the fact that ASS, FCC and ASTC are the service providers for all the other airline divisions.

Today the development and introduction of quality management system to the main divisions of the production unit are being prepared, namely in flight complex, ATC, KNOP and the department of logistics.

Quality management system (QMS) makes it possible to cut costs significantly at the expense of employing staff inner reserve and improvement of the production process.

Quality certificate acknowledges the compliance of Aeroflot’s QMS to the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 international standard. The availability of such a certificate guarantees the quality of the offered services to the consumers and is a good basis for making contracts with the partners, strengthening competitive ability of the company and the confidence between the partners in the market.

As Klaus stated, competitive activity requires constant rivalry which can be possible only with the constant quality improvement of running both the organization as a whole and each staff member individually.

According to Valery Okulov, Aeroflot Russian Airlines general director, certification became an important step of the company development. It does not only increase the authority of Aeroflot in the air carrying market but also proves the ability of the airline to obtain new levels of service quality just meeting the requirements of the passengers.