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Company News

17 February 2003

Aeroflot has summed up the results of the work for January 2003

February 17, 2003, Moscow. –There have been summed up results of the production and commercial activity of Aeroflot – Russian Airlines for January 2003.

This January Aeroflot transported 391,800 passengers (including 6,700 passengers by charter flights) and 6,900 tons of post and freight. There were made 1.309mln passenger-kilometers and 154.3mln ton-kilometers.

The plan for carriage of passengers on the international air lines (IAL) was exceeded by 1.9%, and for post transporting – by 16.7%.

Volumes of the work increased on the whole according to all the rates in comparison with the level of 2002. They increased by 5.3% according to passenger turnover, by 9.7% according to ton-kilometers, by 8.9% according to carriage of passengers, 14% according to post carriage, 22.1% according to freight carriage. Passengers carriage volumes rise on IAL amounted to 6.7%, and on the home air lines (HAL) it was 15.7%.

The qualitative characteristics have grown. Percentage of enplaned traffic for the month amounted to 52.4%, it increased by 2.8% compared with the last year level. Passenger seats’ occupation rate amounted to 63.3% in January. Income rate per 1 pkm increased in comparison with the last year by 0.8%.

They have flown on the whole in the aircraft fleet by 5.0% of hours more than last year. At the same time air liners have flown by 6.0% of hours more. The plan target on the fly of hours in all the types of liners is fulfilled at 98.6% including passenger air liners where this rate amounted to 100.9%. The average daily fly of hours reached in January: Boeing 777 – 12.4 hours, Boeing 767 – 10.8 hours, Boeing 737 – 10.0 hours, A310 – 9.7 hours IL-96 – 8.5 hours, DS – 6.0 hours, TU-154 – 6.6 hours.

2,300 tons of fuel was saved during January. Fuel discharge intensity amounted to 541 grams per 1 tkm. The decrease amounted 30 grams compared with the level of the last year. The operational result was improved by 9.4.