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Company News

18 March 2003

Aeroflot rebranding in going on

On March 11, 2003, Moscow –Aeroflot-Russian Airlines Branding Committee approved a new variant of the company’s air liners color.

New colors of Aeroflot planes will be silver-dark blue with an orange stripe turning smoothly into the fly-away Russian flag image on the tail (now planes are white-dark blue).

The company’s new colors will be also used in interior decoration, designing board dishes and the air company’s staff uniform.

The first stage of the competition for the best design of the air company’s staff new uniform is over.

Aeroflot thanks all the designers who participated in the competition and offered very interesting works. Here are the names of participants: Viktoria Andreyanova, Tatiana Parfyonova, Nelly Kalashnikova, Alyona Akhmadullina, Denis Simachev, Andrei Sharov, Elena Popova, Alexander Igmant, the duets of Yulia Bunakova – Yevgeny Khokhlov and Nina & Donis, and also Expotorg designers.

The results of the first stage were summing up during two days, all the members of the Commission, Aeroflot representatives and fashion experts invited for this, expressed their opinions. According to the jury, five variants are worth to be developed further, that means five participants are competing at the second stage. Viktoria Andreyanova, Alyona Akhmadullina, Alexander Igmant, the duet of Yulia Bunakova – Yevgeny Khokhlov and Expotorg designers have reached the semi-final.