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Company News

16 July 2003

Aeroflot announced a competition for the new advertising conception

Moscow, July 14, 2003 – Aeroflot-Russian Airlines announced an open competition for the new advertising image conception and large-scale advertising campaign among the leading Russian and foreign advertising agencies. It will start at the end of 2003 and will be continued next year, it is to become an important stage in the two-year project of Aeroflot rebranding. New values of Aeroflot brand will reveal in creative solutions that will be considered and approved within the competition.

The information about the competition was published in the central mass-media and on Aeroflot site (www.aeroflot.ru). 10 agencies are admitted to the final stage and confirmed their participation; they are members of the Association of Russian Advertising Agencies and the largest ten advertising firms of Russia for their turnover according to the results of 2002.

The main goal of the future advertising campaign is to change Aeroflot positioning. The airline company changes rapidly and it is interested in taking these changes adequately by its passengers and the market.

Aeroflot didn’t carry out large advertising image campaigns during the last five years. Within this period the airline company made significant changes – control system is changed, production increased, passenger turnover increased, flight network have been reconstructed almost completely, the aircraft fleet has been supplemented with state-of-the-art airliners. All these changes revealed in the new conception of Aeroflot brand and they will be presented to people when the advertising campaign begins.

Aeroflot advertising evokes traditionally emotional responses of experts and other people; every new company, new creative solution becomes an event in the advertising world. “We are sure Aeroflot new advertising campaign that is to start in the year of its 80th anniversary will bring to the new level the positions of the main Russian air carrier and attract new passengers to it in Russia and abroad”, said Valery Okulov, Aeroflot General Director.